Klara 2nd report

Klara in Bremen // 2nd Report

The last four months of my voluntary service have shown me how much a person can develop in such a short time. Whereas in the first third of the project I still had to get used to my new surroundings, my new work and my new circle of friends, I can now see that since […]
Salome final report

Salome in Bremen // Final Report

As I sit in my hometown, thinking about the past year, it feels strange. It’s like the year in Bremen flew by, but the memories are still very real. The last two months were full of emotions, whether from knowing I would leave soon or just the events themselves. Life is so weird and I […]
Ana 2nd report

Ana in Bremen // 2nd Report

As a person who is usually responsible for posting volunteer reports on the website, I remember that special feeling when posting second reports: while 4 months is still a relatively long period, I always wondered what it was like to realise that you only have half as much time left as you’ve already spent here. And […]
Ferhat 2nd report

Ferhat in Bremen // 2nd Report

“Today is Sunday.Today they took me out into the sunFor the first time.And for the first time in my life,I stood amazedThat the sky wasSo far away from meWas so blueWas so wide.Then I sat respectfully on the ground,I put my back against the wall.At this moment, no fear of falling into waves,At this moment, […]
Vlada 2nd report

Vladislava in Bremen // 2nd Report

Houston, we have a problem! Or not? Often, after six months of living in another country, two important periods occur: a period of irritation and a severe crisis. The period of irritation is expressed in the emigrant’s anger, perhaps even regret about moving. Language difficulties, bank card problems, local bureaucracy, searching for friends and so […]
Eva final report

Eva in Bremen // Final Report

I am sitting in the Antalya airport, practically at the same place as one year ago and now I really feel how many things have changed. So, it was the most difficult year in my life but at the same time one of the most beautiful. The first months of my volunteering were super challenging: […]
Maite 1st report

Maite in Bremen // 1st Report

My adventure in Bremen began on November 2nd, and I still can’t believe how quickly time has passed. I arrived in Germany from Barcelona, where I had just graduated from university. I was going through a difficult personal time and needed a change of scenery to discover the world and live new experiences. I am […]
Noni report

Noni in Bremen // Final Report

Having recently finished my internship in Portugal, I was hungry to learn more and have more experiences abroad. I have had previous experience in NGO structures and Erasmus+ projects, but I haven’t been at an office for a long time.  So, while searching for work opportunities back in Greece, this little instagram post caught my […]
Klara 1st report

Klara in Bremen // 1st Report

My first four months in Bremen showed me how quickly time can pass. I started the project with a fresh high school diploma in my pocket, 12 years of school behind me and a routine I was desperate to break out of. Although there were many reasons to go straight to university, as it was […]
Zehra 1st report

Zehra in Bremen // 1st Report

Hello, I’m Zehra and this is my first report, the first report that I have been postponing for days because I didn’t know what to write. I am almost five months into my project and it amazes me how fast time passes. The fascination of the city the first day I arrived, getting lost on […]
Salome 2nd report

Salome in Bremen // 2nd Report

9 months and a half have flown by, and here we are, marking the culmination of our volunteering project. Now it’s time for nostalgia, no more confusion about the project, maybe a bit, but you slowly follow the flow. It’s a moment to reflect on all that has been accomplished, to reassure yourself that our […]
Sofiia 1st report

Sofiia in Bremen // 1st Report

My journey as an ESC volunteer in Bremen started 4 month ago. It started at a very busy time for my organization with various projects. We even called this period the “New Season” because all the previous projects are over and we are now planning and implementing new ones. Personally I am working on international […]
Vivianna 2nd report

Vivianna in Bremen // 2nd Report

During my time in Bremen, I have mainly concentrated on enhancing my filming and editing skills. Working at the Deutsches dance film institute has provided the perfect environment for this. From capturing performances to editing footage, I’ve been actively involved in all aspects of the filmmaking process, gaining valuable hands-on experience along the way. In […]
Alvaro_1st report

Alvaro in Bremen // 1st Report

Hey there, my dear friend, I hope this message finds you in the best of spirits! Buckle up because I’m about to take you on an epic journey through my recent escapade in Germany. Get ready to immerse yourself in a whirlwind of captivating tales, unforgettable encounters, and life-changing experiences. Remember how I couldn’t contain […]
Eva_2nd report

Eva in Bremen // 2nd Report

Hi everyone, I am Eva and it’s my second report. Last 5 months were full of events and emotions. I had to say good bye to all my neighbors and welcome 4 new people in our flat. But I think it was a positive change, I really enjoy the vibe of our flat, we have […]

Germany // Training Course “Sustainability, capacity and development camp” in Bad Baderkesa

Sustainability, capacity and development camp was a training course in Bad Baderkesa, Germany from 31.03. – 08.04.2013 where 42 youth workers participated from 6 different countries (Germany, Italy, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey). The objectives of the project were to provide organizational tools to the NGOs from these countries and their key people (youth leaders, […]
“Youth Mobility in the Age of Crisis”

Abroad // Training Course “Youth Mobility in the Age of Crisis” in Wroclaw, Poland

“Youth Mobility in the Age of Crisis” was an 8-day Seminar hosted by TDM2000 Polska from 16th to 23rd of February 2015 in Wroclaw, Poland. Participating in the seminar were 8 partner organizations represented by delegates from the United Kingdom, Malta, Romania, Macedonia, Germany, Croatia, Czech Republic and Poland. In the beginning of the seminar we went through a lot […]
“Who wants to be an Entrepreneur”

Abroad // Training Course “Who wants to be an Entrepreneur?” in Limassol, Cyprus

Businesses have a far more important mission than delivering the services and products promised. The culture formed within the society of a firm, shapes employees’ personality which in turn has an impact on the greater society. It is therefore, vital, that competent entrepreneurs cultivate healthy attributes when leading their businesses and create an environment where […]
“Supporting Employability through Self-Development”

Abroad // Training Course “Supporting Employability through Self-Development” in Prizren, Kosovo

From the 21st to 28th of March, three participants have represented NaturKultur on a Training Course in Prizren, Kosovo, which is part of the project “Supporting Employability through Self-Development”. Thirty youngsters from ten different countries from the Balkan peninsula, Italy and Germany learned methods to improve young people’s employability skills, including communication training, time management and self-esteem. On […]

Abroad // Training Course “Holistic Outdoor Leadership Programme” in Puebla de la Sierra, Spain

In June 2021 Eilidh and Liridon from Germany represented NaturKultur on the Erasmus+ Training Course “Holistic Outdoor Leadership Programme (HOLP)” in Puebla de la Sierra, Spain, organised by Madrid Outdoor Education. 20 participants from Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Poland, Germany and Portugal came together to learn about non-formal education techniques to develop leadership skills and […]
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Abroad // Training Course “Mindset of Youth Workers” in Willemstad, Curaçao

From 21.-28. November 2021 we (Alisa, Alex & Angelina) went on the training course “Mindset of Youth Workers” in Willemstad, Curaçao in the Caribbean. Alongside the other participants who arrived from England, Croatia, Aruba, St. Maarten, Bulgaria, Greece, and the Netherlands, we learned through different tasks and activities possible ways to positively influence ways of […]
Ferhat 1st report

Ferhat in Bremen // 1st Report

“I am sending you as sparks, you must return as flames.” Mustafa Kemal Atatürk This is the last sentence of the letter sent by the founder of the Republic of Turkey to the young people sent to study in Europe. When I came here, I always told myself this, and I saw every opportunity for […]
Vlada 1st report

Vladislava in Bremen // 1st Report

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said: “Be the one who opens the doors for those who follow you.” A simple truth that reveals the essence of being a teacher, and which was the impetus for my important decision to go to gain teaching experience in another country, Germany. I should explain up front that I worked […]
Ana_1st report

Ana in Bremen // 1st Report

My volunteering experience started in September. As if knowing that a girl from post-summer Tbilisi was coming, Bremen greeted me with sunshine and heat. I even had a chance to go to a lake a couple of times with other volunteers and take a swim, and these warm memories cannot be spoiled even by the […]
Featured photos_website

Abroad // Youth Exchange “H.E.L.P.” in Aruba

The Youth Exchange H.E.L.P (Humans Empowering Local Projects) took place in Aruba, a Dutch overseas territory, with active participation from six countries Sint Maarten, Aruba, Curacao, Greece, Germany, and Croatia, 42 participants in total. Focused on the theme of activism, the exchange featured local volunteering actions in three diverse locations, allowing participants to make a meaningful impact across various […]
Featured photos_website (1)

Germany // Youth Exchange “In the shadows” in Garlstedt – Alaa

The Erasmus+ project “In The Shadows” held in Garlstedt, Osterholz-Scharmbeck, Lower Saxony, Germany, from October 21st to 30th, 2023, focused on exploring stereotypes through theater and video methods. Participants from Spain, Greece, Estonia, Croatia, Romania, and Germany came together, totaling 42 young individuals. I chose to participate in this project due to my keen interest […]
Julia_Final report

Júlia in Bremen // Final Report

Hi! It’s the 24th of October. I arrived to Bremen exactly one year ago to spend 6 months here. Well haha. Mission failed. I’m still in Bremen, writing this final report sitting in my new WG where I just moved. I started doing my masters at the university last week and I’ll start my new […]
Tamara_Final report

Tamara in Bremen // Final Report

As I sit down to pen the final report of my volunteering project, the past year unfolds before me like a vivid tapestry—woven with threads of joy, friendship, and personal growth. The journey has been nothing short of a whirlwind of experiences, each contributing to the unique fabric of this unforgettable chapter in my life. […]
Saida_Final report

Saida in Bremen // Final Report

It has been 2 weeks since I came back from Germnay. Now I am sitting in sofa and writing this report through thinking previous one year and looking at pictures. It is such an emotional moment. Let’s remember what happened in one year and how my project has influenced to my life. My Erasmus volunteering […]
Final report_Arina

Arina in Bremen // Final Report

I started writing this report long before I left Bremen. It was a way for me to reflect on my past year and contemplate my future. Being surrounded by international people from all over the world, you learn to let people go. This especially applies to ESC volunteering – normally, volunteers commit for a year […]
Kübra’s final report

Kübra in Bremen // Final Report

I officially finished my project at the end of September and stepped into my new life. I can’t understand how time passed so quickly. It seems like just yesterday I got off the plane and stepped into my new home, I ended my first day at work with big curious eyes, I tried to learn […]
Saloeme’s 1st report

Salome in Bremen // 1st Report

I was in dire need of some major life changes. After the whole COVID situation, my student life in Georgia turned upside down. No new faces, no exciting events, and after that it remained like that. I craved hearing different stories from different people, going on adventures, and expanding my horizons. So, when I got […]
Vivianna’s 1st report

Vivianna in Bremen // 1st Report

When life gives you lemons, you don’t make lemonade. Maybe you will in the end. But that’s not how you’re going to start. You decide to leave your hometown for a year. And your life is all about that. But you don’t fully realize it until you’re passing through the airport checkpoints. You say the […]
Nina’s final report

Nina in Bremen // Final Report

Writing this one feels very different from the first report. Because after six months I’m home, sitting in front of my computer and thinking about my past three months in Bremen. And when i think about it, so many memories are rushing through my mind and each one of them is really special. Even if […]
Volunteer report

Anja in Bremen // Final Report

Happiness is not having what you want, but loving what you have. If a person had to spend some time with me and talk to me the chances that I would cite quotes are extremely high. Everyone who gets to know me a bit better knows how huge quote lover I am. Therefore, if I […]
Eva report

Eva in Bremen // First Report

“God, please, let them choose not me”, it’s how my story began…  I was walking on a night street after the interview and thought about my future. I really liked the vibe of people who talked to me, the description of the project was also really nice, nevertheless, all what I felt was fear. Fear […]
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Chrysa in Bremen // 2nd Report

I am happy to present my second report on my volunteer experience in Bremen. Over the past seven months, I have had the privilege of immersing myself in a completely different culture and embracing the challenges and opportunities that come with living in a foreign country. Living abroad has been a transformative experience, both personally […]
Helin report

Helin in Bremen // Final Report

I cannot believe it but this is my final report! The speed of life always surprises me. I arrived in Bremen today last year. The sun was licking our faces. After one year, on the same day, it is raining cats and dogs. I took advantage of the nice weather last month and had a great hiking holiday. […]
kids special

Nina in Bremen // 1st Report

The idea of living alone in another country can sound scary and challenging at first. However, it can also be exciting for some. It is normal to face some challenges at the beginning of our adventure. It can be a culture shock when we arrive in another country, the language, the way of how other […]
Kubra 2nd

Kübra in Bremen // 2nd Report

This is my seventh month in Bremen, and time goes by really fast. But interestingly, sometimes it feels like I’ve been here for years, I’ve gotten used to it, I like Bremen a lot, my friends, my work… I’m good with German now. I feel like I have an good life here now. The closer […]
Guilia report

Giulia in Bremen // Final report

Before leaving my country, I fantasized a lot about the life I would have in Bremen. With a certain naivety, I thought that leaving a worn routine, jobs and habits that had left me exhausted and without energy, would represent a burst of vitality, a new electrifying beginning. I could not imagine that the exact […]
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Natan in Bremen // 1st Report

It’s been three months… they’ve flown by, and that’s a good sign, it means that i really enjoyed my time here! I arrived in Germany without knowing a single word of German, without a clear idea of who I would meet, live with or work with. I was a bit frightened by the idea that […]
Tamara 2nd

Tamara in Bremen // 2nd Report

This is already the seventh month of my volunteering, and I can’t believe that time has flown this fast. Seven months of experiences, ups and downs, adventures, lonely days, challenges and feelings of happiness. One can think “Yeah it’s just seven months” but for me as a person who has experienced this time, it was life-changing. I will […]
Julia 2

Júlia in Bremen // 2nd Report

My sister took a photo of me at the airport when I left Hungary six months ago. It was early in the morning, I’m standing on the edge of the driveway in an oversized purple pullover, black jeans and with a big suitcase. I’m standing there all by myself, and now I just feel like […]
Arina 2nd report

Arina in Bremen // 2nd Report

Today I was riding my bike at 7 am, going to work. To me, this is the most suitable time to reflect on my volunteering journey. Firstly, because I should think of something during these 40 minutes since I can’t shut down my brain. Secondly, the deadline for writing this report was a couple of […]
Helin 2 report

Helin in Bremen // 2nd Report

Moin everyone again from Bremen, I can not believe that time flies. In my second half in Bremen, my German and the weather is getting better. Finally, my new northern home is getting warmer.  Flowers bloom, nature refreshes itself…  It is important, because if you come from a country where have sunshine in every season, […]
Saida 2 report

Saida in Bremen // 2nd Report

It’s been six months, I can’t believe that I have another report to write. I am really happy that a lot has happened on my personal life so far. Just a short remind, I am Saida and work at school in Bremen.  I have met so many people since I came here, and it’s made […]
Yanitsa 1

Yanitsa in Bremen // 1st Report

This is an opportunity that gives you the chance to write your story, to live it, to step outside of yourself, your circle, and what you know before. To be whomever you want to be, however, you want to be. To be vulnerable, to pile up situations to laugh or just cry over later because […]
Anja 2nd report

Anja in Bremen // 2nd Report

Airport. Rush, chaos, touched destinies, goodbyes, greetings, smiles, tears,.. What is a better place to start writing my second (middle) volunteer report than the airport? I always try to search for hidden meanings in everything that surrounds me. And it makes perfect sense. I feel that airport perfectly symbolizes my current position in life – […]
Gabriel in Bremen

Gabriel in Bremen // 1st Report

My name is Gabriel Domínguez, I am 20 years old. I come from Gijón, a small city in the North coast of Spain. When I was 3 years old my family moved to Brussels in Belgium where we stayed 9 years. I did all my Primary studies in the European School. Then we moved back […]
Emi in Bremen

Emanuel in Bremen // Final report

My year at the Deutsches Tanz Film Institut came to an end, and I leave with the bittersweet feeling of a great experience, of having learned many things and met wonderful people. I leave with more awareness of my means, skills and possibility, with the confidence of going out there on my own, and with […]
Esra in Bremen

Esra in Bremen // Final report

If you ask me, life is a very personal path that we take with many choices and non-choices. When you look back on all the experiences that are sometimes satisfying and sometimes disappointing, you begin to see that the things that make you you do not come from the beautiful sunny days alone. Before I […]
Kubra First report

Kübra in Bremen / 1st Report

Under the influence of the culture I was born and raised in, I always felt that I had to finish school first and foremost; high school, university, then master’s, doctorate, business life… Like every Turkish student, I was unintentionally getting lost in the future-oriented career plans I was making. Yes, I loved my life there. At an […]
Tamara First report (1)

Tamara in Bremen // 1st Report

It all started when I happened to check my email and saw the letter from NaturKultur saying that I was selected as a volunteer. I can’t describe in words how happy I was at that moment, I was sure that I would have a wonderful opportunity to make friends, travel, gain new experience and make […]
Julia First report

Júlia in Bremen // 1st Report

When I was little, my parents used to take us camping to the mountains in Transylvania. We always found a nice place for our tents in a valley by a stream, hiked all day, then cooked dinner on a small gas cylinder or roasted sausages over a campfire. Sometimes we had to spend the afternoon […]
Anja First report

Anja in Bremen // 1st Report

Have you ever thought about how random life is? I mean, unintentionally you’ve been born on a random place, by a random parents with a random family history. It’s a random small, tiny point on this planet that shapes your whole reality and identity. You start acquiring a certain language, that shapes your thoughts by […]
Saida_First report

Saida in Bremen // 1st Report

Hello, dear reader, So, it is time to write a report it means 3 months passed. Time really flies. I am Saida from Azerbaijan. Before coming to Bremen, I was reading to other volunteers’ stories in websites and I hoped it would happen to me one day in my life, as well. So now I […]
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Helin in Bremen // 1st Report

Hello everyone! It is been 6 months since I came here in Bremen, and I feel like I have been experiencing one of the cornerstone of my life since 6 months. It is always hard to change something in your life and in your comfort zone, but once you do this you feel open to […]
Arina 1st Report

Arina in Bremen // 1st Report

Can’t believe that I’m writing it, but it’s my turn to reflect on my project. Wow, time does fly. And when time flies, it only means one thing – you’re enjoying whatever is happening in your life. As if you’re unhappy, you’re literally counting down minutes or even seconds until something that makes you feel […]
Joan_2 report

Joan in Bremen // 2nd report

Nine months ago I could not imagine all that I have experienced up to now. Now, I can confirm that it has been the best experience of my life. I have travelled to many places, Frankfurt, Berlin, Hannover, Hameln, Lübeck… even to Turkey, obviously travelling to Spain a couple of times. When you go back […]
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Efim in Bremen // Final Report

Visions in the past and what crashed clearly in my mind is a huge gray canvas with different flowerish leftovers blothes. Even after flowers are done blooming the plant can continue to grow if it has a special care. However if it dryed, you have some ways to handle it: first put it in the […]
Design ohne Titel

Emöke in Bremen // Final Report

It was more than nine months ago that I left my home country. As I’m trying to recall all the things I’ve been through since then, I can’t help pausing for a minute to think about the differences between the versions of me: the one that left for Germany last year and the current one […]
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Elisabet in Bremen // Final Report

One year ago, I arrived in Bremen carrying a lot of expectations and fears. It was only a year ago, but I feel I was really young when I arrived, because this experience made me grow up so fast. Jokes Die Circusschule, I only have grateful words for them. Göran, Clara and Beni showed me a […]
Esra 1st report

Esra in Bremen // 1st Report

I had a lot of thoughts in my mind before I came here for this year that I will spend as a volunteer. When I look back after coming here and spending three months here, I see that I was not wrong to be excited. I had graduated from university in June the year before […]
Marie Final Report

Marie in Bremen // Final Report

My volunteering year is now finished. I’m not even writing this in Bremen, but in Paris. It feels a bit weird. I’m going to live a new life, far from German and English, far from the kids from school and the other volunteers. I will miss them all. This year brought me so much, new […]
04.08.-08.08.2022 (2)

Joan in Bremen // 1st Report

Moin! 🙂 I am Joan Fabregat, and I come from Spain (Valencia). I found myself working on my passion, in a youth center. But I saw myself in an endless routine, when I received the information, I didn’t even think about it. I started the volunteer project in April, and during these months I have […]
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Eurielle in Bremen // Final Report

Hey! This is my final report, I already left Bremen since a few weeks when I’m writing this report. I’m preparing myself to come back to the “real life” and to my studies. Yes, “the real life” with all the problems, a short budget, a new life to rebuild, a new city to discover, and […]
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Sergio in Bremen // Final Report

My project in Germany is over and I am already in Gran Canaria thinking that I can write about this year which has been like a rollercoaster. I don’t feel that exactly one year has passed since I arrived in Bremen, it feels like 5 months. I still haven’t assimilated that my life in Germany […]
04.08.-08.08.2022 (1)

Sanja in Bremen // 2nd Report

I have been warned about this. “The second report is the hardest one to write”, a friend said to me, while drinking a beer at the lovely Osterdeich riverside. “There are so many things happening, but at the same time, it feels like nothing has changed at all”. Looking back at it, I do get […]
emi tafi featured

Emanuel in Bremen // 1st Report

Once again, I find myself brooding over the past even when it hasn’t happened yet, and imagining a future version of myself that remembers experiences I’m experiencing right now. Why? Because the present is always wrapped in a subtle haze that prevents me from seeing things clearly, while the past is bright enough in the […]
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Emöke in Bremen // 2nd Report

This morning, a dear friend of mine sent me a picture taken exactly one year ago. On June 16th 2021, I graduated from high school, and it blows my mind when I realise how many things have happened since then. The past few months brought some changes in my life as a volunteer that helped […]
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Elisabet in Bremen // 2nd Report

I am Elisabet and I am 23 years old. I arrived in Bremen in October. I have the feeling that it happened yesterday but at the same time I have the feeling that it was years ago. I don’t feel that I am the same person than when I arrived in October. This experience pushed […]
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Eurielle in Bremen // 2nd Report

After nine months here in Germany, spring is finally here! And as the weather, my perception of my volunteering changed a lot. The arrival of fine weather allows me to enjoy it spending a lot of time outside, using my bike or by foot. I travelled more (and it’s not over), and I discovered that […]
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Sergio in Bremen // 2nd Report

Hello again! Right now I’m a few months away from finishing my project. And in these months too many things have happened in the project and on a personal level. The months after writing the 1st report were a bit more complicated, I felt a bit lost, I still didn’t improve my German because we […]
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Marie in Bremen // 2nd Report

Hey! I’m coming back after a couple of months to write my second report. Reading what I wrote after my first four months in Bremen feels weird. I was still discovering, and I was one of the “new volunteers”. The volunteers that show me the city and brought me to my first parties finished their […]
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Marina in Bremen // Final Report

I remember the first meeting with my curator. She said that the project would go very quickly, but of course I didn’t believe her, because there was still a whole year ahead. I remember people asking me how long I’ve been here and I answered a week, a month, 2 months, like it was yesterday. […]
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Ernesto in Bremen // Final Report

This past year I have worked in what I love by nature: Looking at the world through the lens glass of a camera and editing my way into a final video that shows the world what my mind sees through the glass. This past year I have also discovered an infinite number of new things […]
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Efim in Bremen // 1st Report

Who would have thought that the pictures, which I was fantasizing in my mind about my life in Europe, would become so real. The vision, which I had in my past, came true. So, Mom, I am finally in Europe!  My first two months in Bremen  were not perfect, I could even say that they […]
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Elisabet in Bremen // 1st Report

I’m Elisabet, I’m 23 years old and I come from Spain. After finishing University I had the necessity of moving to another Country. On the 26th of October I arrived in Bremen, Germany, my new adventure started and I didn´t imagine how much this experience would change me. I’m working with Jokes, the circus schule, […]
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Emöke in Bremen // 1st Report

Where do I start an essay of summarizing all my feelings, experiences and the changes this volunteering has brought into my life? To be honest, I feel like this is a harder nut to crack than writing for grades, even though this time I do not have to count the words, cite wise quotes or […]
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Lou in Bremen // 1st Report

Recently, someone asked me “if you knew what your life will be here before coming, would you have chosen to go anyway?”. I did not know immediately how to answer this question. I had to take a step back. What I can say for sure is that I do not regret at all joining this […]
Michelle Cover

Michelle in Lecce, Italy // 2nd Report

Before coming to Lecce, I was either a student who learned in preparation for exams and had knowledge about things which have little meaning for the future, or I was a cashier who smalltalked with customers and learned how to handle those who are ignorant and unfriendly. Being a volunteer, however, is a different experience. […]
Charlotte Cover

Charlotte in Beirã, Portugal // 1st Report

Olá! I am Charlotte, 19 years old and I moved with ESC from the cold Bremen to the equally cold (but sunnier) Beirã at the end of October. Here I live with my roommate in a small house, directly opposite the café “Bernardos” (highly recommended). Before writing about my personal experience, let me first give […]
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Ionut in Bremen, Germany // Final Report

hello once again! Some months have passed since I last wrote some lines on my volunteering experience, so I decided to come back and add some more before i say goodbye as a volunteer. Two months ago I finished my project as a Social Media manager and youth worker in LidiceHaus Jugendbildungstätte. As you might […]
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Sanja in Bremen, Germany // 1st Report

“To write or to procrastinate a bit more” is a thought that arises in my mind next to the feeling of wanting to stay coddled in a warm blanket for a little longer. It’s a feeling I am very familiar with from all of the years, spent studying, writing projects and finishing applications. But still […]
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Eurielle in Bremen, Germany // 1st Report

Hi! I’m Eurielle from France and I’m 21 years old. I came to Germany because I wanted to experiment new things and to discover more about myself. I can assure you I’m still discovering new passions and skills. I work in Tobias Schule which is a specific school for children with disabilities. The school uses […]
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Marina in Bremen // 2nd Report

Hello everyone! More than half of my project has already passed, it’s time for a new report. In my cultural center there are more concerts and more people come, so there is a little more work. It was also interesting during the autumn holidays, I helped to do workshops for children and I learned a […]
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Ernesto in Bremen // 2nd Report

There is something so beautiful about every new path we take, every new decision that WE make that shapes our way and our character. Such a powerful and strong OWN willpower drives our every move, or at least we wish to believe so, because the truth is, that none of that would be possible without […]
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Michelle in Lecce, Italy // 1st Report

“Feel the fear and do it anyway.” -Susan Jeffers ​The beginning of something new, exciting and unknown, can also be the most terrifying moment. At least for me, it wasn’t easy to step outside my comfort zone and decide to live abroad for ten months in order to be part of VulcanicaMente’s European Solidarity Corps […]
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Abroad // Youth Exchange “Youth for Health” in Castillo de la Vega, Spain

Period: 23.08. – 30.08.2021 Place: Castillo de la Vega (Spain) Participating countries: Croatia, Bulgaria, Spain, Turkey, Germany Participants: 30 participants + 2 organizers Organizers: Bryant Corniel & Gonzalo García (hosted by the youth organization „Brisa Intercultural“) Brisa Intercultural: Spanish youth organization based in Burgos (Ana Fernandez & Patricia Rubio) NaturKultur e.V.: German Partner Organization The […]
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Olya in Bremen // Final Report

Almost one year ago I was preparing all the necessary documents to start my ESC volunteering in Germany. Almost one year ago I was thinking which kind of experience I would like to get from this opportunity. I had a lot of ideas and plans but at the end it turned to be even more […]
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Clarissa in Skopje, North Macedonia // 3rd Report

Preface  “Wow, you have been in Skopje for seven months now”. Whenever I hear that phrase, I have to remind myself how quickly time passes. Especially the last four summer months have been a rush between work activities, traveling around the Balkans and enjoying capital life to its fullest. Introduction  Hi, I am Clarissa, I am […]

Dolores in Zagreb, Croatia // Final Report

Our last months Introduction Hello everyone 😀 We are closing in to the end of our volunteering time here in Croatia but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have some great things still ahead of us 😀 Language Class Our language classes have officially ended and we will miss them and our students. It was […]
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Juliusz in Vinnytsia, Ukraine // 1st Report

A too small soviet sleeping wagon, a loud car and “Gop Gop Gop” by Verka Serduchka. Hard to believe, but my first week in Ukraine, and especially in Vinnytsia, was truly amazing. And I’m not exaggerating. Actually, I couldn’t expect myself that I would write that before coming here. Truth be told, I had a […]
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Maryna in Italy // Final Report

ESC “So far, so close”, 17.08.2021 – 01.09.2021 Hi! My name is Maryna, I am 19 years old and come from Minsk, Belarus. From December 2020 till July 2021 I was an Au-Pair in Bremen, Germany and then stayed here as a student. The semester starts in October, so I had plenty of free time. […]
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Stefanie in Blanes // Final Report

My Name is Stefanie, and I am from Osnabrück, Germany.   I wanted to go abroad to learn about a new culture and to improve my intercultural skills. Before I came to Blanes I finished my Master’s degree in Cultural Science in Germany and after staying in the University for a couple of years I […]
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Ernesto in Bremen // 1st Report

“Let´s go for a drink in Viertel and then have a walk by the Weser (river that goes across Bremen)” is one of the most common phrases you will probably say during your time here, and that is because is one of the most fun activities you will do, while laughing and spending time in […]
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Pernille in Bremen // Final Report

I been volunteering at a school in Bremen for twelve months. The school is called Tobias-Schule, a Waldorfschool. It’s a school with a lot of diversity, which I thought was very exciting and interesting. Most of the kids have some form of disability, but very varied, that also means that the lessons / classes are […]
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Marina in Bremen // 1st Report

Hey! My name is Marina and I’m from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Due to Corona and Visa problems it was not so easy to go to Germany but I’m really happy to be here, because it’s the best summer in my life. I arrived in Germany at a good time, as the restrictions had already began to […]
Olya in Bremen, 2nd Report

Olya in Bremen, Germany // 2nd Report

9 months of my volunteering are already over my shoulders. It is actually a great time for a further reflection. Indeed, so much happened during this period. Although some (for a certain time very strict) corona restrictions were in place, it did not color my volunteer experience in black. Of course, some doors were closed […]

Eilidh in Bremen, Germany // 2nd Report

“Are you looking forward to going back to Scotland?” is the question I’m most frequently asked at the moment. I’m in the final lap of my ESC project in Bremen with only six weeks to go before I leave Germany. I tentatively answer with “yeah, I guess”, explaining that I haven’t seen my family in-person […]
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Giacomo in Bremen // 1st Report

Hi everyone, I’m Giacomo, I’m 25, I’m from Monza, a small big city close to Milan in Italy. Since the end of November I have been doing my ESC project in Bremen in the Deutches Tanz Film Institute as a videomaker, it is a beautiful and educational experience, I like to use my skills to […]
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Alex in Bremen, Germany // 1st Report

Hello everyone, my name is Aleksandar! I am 20 years old, and I am from Skopje, North Macedonia. I am currently doing my European Solidarity Corps project in Bremen, Germany, where I am volunteering for NaturKultur e.V. The first time I heard about the possibility to do a voluntary service abroad was on an Erasmus+ […]
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Till in Skopje, North Macedonia // 1st Report

„North Macedonia? Is that in Asia?” – Well, my friends had absolutely no idea what I will have to expect from this country. The same was true for me. I only knew, that this small country with several cultures and populations groups sounds very interesting and will definitely be a more exciting experience than a […]
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Stefanie in Blanes, Spain // 2nd Report

Since six months I’ve been doing my European Solidarity Service in Blanes, Spain. Even though there were a lot of rules and restrictions due to Corona, a lot has happened in this time. With time, I had the possibility to meet new people and get to know the city in which I live, so that […]
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Clarissa in Skopje // 1st Report

“What in God’s name made me leave Germany? Why would I move to one of the poorest countries in Europe?” – I ask my best friend at the airport. It is Saturday, 16th of January and I rarely managed to get two hours of sleep. It’s departure day. Hey there! My name is Clarissa, I […]
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Maria in Bremen // Monthly Blogs in Spanish

¿Hablas español? If you are curious to read about Maria’s experiences in Bremen, you can check out her monthly blog entries in Spanish: The Beginning January 2021 February 2021 Maria is volunteering at Tobiasschule und Kindergarten e.V. and hosted on our project “From Global to Local”, financed by the European Solidarity Corps and Jugend für […]
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Rita in Bremen // 1st Report

What’s a Neapolitan used to o’ sole o’ mare o’ core doing in Bremen? There are many reasons. The first is that I am a bit crazy and impulsive. When I make a decision, I rarely use my head and therefore my reason, for the 99% of the time I rely on chance or follow […]
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Ionut in Bremen // 1st Report

Moin! 🙂 I’m Ionut and at the moment I’m doing my European Solidarity Corps project in ServiceBureau Jugendinformation, a branch of the youth education center LidiceHaus, in Bremen, Germany. Here’s a little insight of my journey so far 🙂 After finishing my degree in Journalism in Barcelona, I wasn’t very sure of what I wanted […]

Carla in Italy // Final Report

I’m Carla, and I did a volunteering service in Italy with the Bangherang organization. I went there in August and left in February, so I stayed there for six months. Leaving my home in Germany was a big decision for me as I had never been away from home before for such a long time. […]
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Olya in Bremen // 1st Report

My adventurous ESC volunteering Middle of June…I am doing my last qualification exam at Charles University in Prague. All doors are open in front of me… But which one should I choose? Continue my study? Find a job? Try to do something completely new that I have never experienced before? My passion for adventure helped […]
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Katerina in Bremen // 1st Report

Hey everyone! My name is Katerina and I come from Athens, Greece, where I am studying theatre studies [which is related to the history and theory of theatre, and not acting]. Until last year I was working in theatres in Athens and renting a flat in its beautiful centre. Soon, however, Corona took all of […]

Dolores in Zagreb, Croatia // 3rd Report

Hello everyone, my name is Dolores and I am currently an ESC volunteer in Zagreb, Croatia. The month of November started off with Eduardo’s and Francesco’s intercultural evening (fellow volunteers) about their countries – Spain and Italy. Over the course of the whole month our language classes and Croatian lessons took place and I was […]

Minou and Kaja in Blanes // Video

From Summer 2019 until Spring 2020, Minou and Kaja were spending their ESC Voluntary Service in Blanes, Spain, where they were working at Marimurtra Botanical Garden. But – how was that experience for them, and what’s it like to be a volunteer? Watch the video below and find out! Video: Andrei Matalyha, BlindBear Production
ESC 2020:2021 Kathy Guillon

Kathy in Bremen, Germany // 1st Report

Hello my name is Katharina, but everyone calls me Kathy. I’m from France and I’m doing a 10 months volunteering project in Bremen, at Deutsches Tanzfilminstitut Bremen. I always have been interested in cultural exchanges. At 8, I had my first school exchange in Italy and though I didn’t speak italian, it was a great […]

Pernille in Bremen, Germany // 1st Report

Hi 🙂 I’m Pernille, I’m 23 years old and I’m from a small village in Norway called Langfjordbotn. In the beginning of September 2020 I moved to Bremen, Germany, to take part in a one-year volunteering project, European Solidarity Corps (ESC) through NaturKultur. Here i’m volunteering at Tobias-Schule. This is a school which is using […]
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Andrea in Bremen, Germany // 1st Report

Between  “Danke” and “Bitte schön”   My name is Andrea, I’m Italian and I’m 26. I’m writing this in the middle of my EVS experience, after 6 months. 6 months in the north of Germany, Bremen, away from everything I knew before.  First thing I found out since I’m here: people are not used to […]

Clarissa in Blanes, Spain // 1st Report

Es gibt Tage, an denen die Zeit zu schleichen scheint…Wenn ich jetzt aber zurückblicke und sehe, was alles in meinen nun schon fast drei ersten Monaten alles passiert ist –inklusive WG-partys, Schwimmen im Meer (man wird ziemlich schief angesehen im November), Champagnerfrühstück und atemberaubenden Wanderungen-, bin ich doch sehr überrascht!     Zugegeben, der Anfang […]

Eilidh in Bremen, Germany // 1st Report

Hi! I’m Eilidh, I’m 21 years old and I’m from a small village just south of Edinburgh, Scotland. In September 2020 I moved to Bremen, Germany, to take part in a one-year volunteering project through the European Solidarity Corps (ESC), a programme funded and supported by Erasmus+ and the EU. I am volunteering for NaturKultur […]

Lisa in Napoli, Italy // Final Report

Ciao! I returned to my hometown a couple of days ago. I spent the last days alone, isolated at home. Due to Covid 19, I am not allowed to have any personal contact to my loved ones at the moment. This situation is not ideal but it gives me the opportunity to acclimate and reflect […]
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Dolores in Zagreb, Croatia // 2nd Report

Reflecting on October and the On-Arrival Training Hello everyone 😀 I have had 2 German Language classes so far and I was so nervous to teach but I had a really positive experience and now look forward to them. My class is very active and excited to learn German 🙂 The big event this month […]

Lisa in Napoli, Italy // 1st Report

Napoli… so far.   I am writing this looking at vesuvius. Since day one, no day has passed, that I haven’t sat on the balcony, listened to the neighbors chat, sing, play music…you can always feel the energy of the volcano in this mystical town. About eight weeks have passed and I fell deeply in […]
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Dolores in Zagreb, Croatia // 1st Report

The first month in Zagreb, Croatia Hello everyone 😀 This is going to be the blog post about our experience as volunteers in September and the other volunteers will focus on a different topic for their blogs, so watch out for that 😉 Our first official task as Volunteers was the Festivol 3.0 which was […]

Luca in Amman, Jordan // Final Report

My ESC voluntary service for the organisation I-Dare began in 08.03.2020. But the idea to do so came much earlier. I found a display for this voluntary service online and in the beginning I was very sceptical about going abroad for half a year. But with time going by the idea became more and more […]

Hanno in Beirut, Lebanon // 2nd Report

Irgendwie ist alles anders gekommen, als geplant. Mein ESC in Beirut hatte gerade an Fahrt gewonnen, ich hatte meine ersten eigenen Projekte, war in verschiedenen NGOs eingespannt und viele gute Freund*innen gefunden. Ich hatte mein eigenes Schulprojekt, habe einen Projektantrag für ein UNICEF-Projekt mitgeschrieben, habe mich mit vielen anderen Gruppen vernetzt und bin einem Chor […]

Lea on Chios Island, Greece // 3rd Report

The beginning of the month of July meant the closure of the schools for the almost 3 months long summer holiday periode here in Greece. With the summer holidays also another aspect of my ESC project began: summer activities. This meant spending the afternoon playing with the kids of the neighbourhood in order to provide […]

Lea on Chios Island, Greece // 2nd Report

While the last month was quite filled with new experiences, this month started rather boring with the schools and shops still being closed and the new measurements taken prohibiting also water sports. Being very limited in the options this meant spending the working time either on computer work or on finishing the paintings in the […]

Sascha in Skopje, Nordmazedonien // Rückblick

Mein Name ist Sascha Schlüter, ich bin 30 Jahre alt und komme aus der Nähe von Magdeburg. Von Mai 2019 bis Februar 2020 absolvierte ich meinen neunmonatigen EFD beim Volunteers Centre Skopje in der mazedonischen Hauptstadt Skopje. Bereits nach einer Studienreise mit den Jungen Europäischen Föderalisten (JEF) im Jahr 2017, hatte ich beschlossen, dass ich […]

Lea on Chios Island, Greece // 1st Report

Arriving at the airport of the Greek island Chios, I was lucky enough to directly meet another volunteer of the project “TES”: Technology, Education and Sports for which I was accept as volunteer. We were picked up by our mentor and brought to the house in the small costal town Vrontados which was supposed to […]

Hanno in Beirut, Libanon // 1. Bericht

Am Abreisetag noch schnell den Koffer gepackt und dann los. Als ich nachts in Beirut gelandet bin, die lichterfüllten Berge und mein Viertel „Ain El Remmeneh“ zum ersten Mal erblicken durfte, war ich überwältigt von der Schönheit Beiruts. Am ersten Abend wurde ich von vielen anderen Jugendlichen beim Chabibeh Club erwartet und durch die Nachbarschaft […]

Juliette in Naples, Italy // Final Report

My name is Juliette, I’m 25 years old and from a small village in Germany. One year before my volunteering program, I decided to go to Italy. It started in the NaturKultur house, where I was participant in a youth exchange which inspired me to join more opportunities given by the european solidary corps. This […]
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Jana in Zagreb, Croatia // Final Report

Bok! I am Jana, a 19-year old German-Estonian from Rietberg, Germany. From September 2018 till August 2019 I lived in Zagreb, Croatia, where I took part in the programm known as European Voluntary Service. The decision to go on EVS was an easy one to make for me. After finishing my „Abitur“ in July 2018, […]

Kaja und Minou in Blanes, Spanien // 1. Bericht

Unsere Reise beginnt am 04.11.2019. Wir, Kaja und Minou, haben uns am Flughafen beim Gepäckband getroffen und waren beide sehr glücklich nun endlich in die neue Heimat mit dem Bus zu fahren. Die Fahrt nach Blanes dauerte zwar relativ lang (3 Stunden), wir tauschten uns aber erstmal aus und es war perfekt um sich gleich […]

Esther on Chios Island, Greece // Part 1

My journey to Chios began on 30th August 2019. Chios is the fifth biggest island of Greece. My group, consisting of five other boys and girls, and I live Vrontados, which is a little place located on the coast and inhabited by approximately 6000 people. Our home is one hour away from the city center […]

Florian in Italy // Final Report

In February 2018 I have finished my university in the Netherlands and moved back to my hometown in the Thuringian Forest after many years abroad. At that time, I was working a temporary – a rather soulless – job in the industry close to my hometown. End of April, I was contacted by  via the  […]

Abroad // Youth Exchange “Hashtag” in Spain

Intercultural Youth Exchange in Penafiel, Spain From 9th to 18th of September NaturKultur e.V. sent a group of 7 participants from Germany to our partner organisation WE LIVE in Spain. The participants on this youth exchange were young people between 18 and 30 years from Greece, Croatia, Romania, Spain, Portugal and Germany. The topic of […]

Germany // Youth Exchange “Don’t Look Away” in Diepenau

An international youth exchange with youth from Macedonia and Germany Dates: 27.08.-03.09.2013 Venue: Landherberge Essern, Diepenau Participants: 12 participants per country Group leaders: 5 group leaders per country Helpers: 4 Helpers for Nursing and Logistics Translators: 2 Translators Sponsors: Youth in Action, Bonn “Don’t look away” is an international youth exchange for youth with physical […]

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