Ernesto in Bremen // Final Report

This past year I have worked in what I love by nature: Looking at the world through the lens glass of a camera and editing my way into a final video that shows the world what my mind sees through the glass.

This past year I have also discovered an infinite number of new things about me, since my way of working and What I would love to do. To the way of loving. I am infinitely grateful for everything that I have learned, infinitely grateful for every person that I have met. From those great friends that give you a hug right before you leave to let you know that they love you and they forgive you for any mistakes that you have committed to those great friends that make you feel like you are leaving family behind, because you have cared for them as they have cared for you and you have loved them as much or even more than they have loved you. Because you have spent countless nights in infinite conversations and talks about life or even fixing the world from the room next door or feeding each other with all the ability that we have as chefs.

This past year has shown me that no matter how hard I try not to, I will always end up loving people with all of my heart, and that, it is a really beautiful thing that I would like not to lose. 

It is very hard to describe what I am feeling at this very moment, but because I have to, Perhaps I will start by saying that I have the firm belief that home is where we love and where we are loved, too. Home is the people that we spent time with and where we are remembered and missed. for me Bremen is not just a city where I volunteer for a year, Bremen is not just the city where I lived and that is it. Bremen For me is a place where I got to develop myself professionally, make a portfolio, fulfil all of my goals before going there and still I feel like I received way more than I bargained for. 

Someone that I would love to believe is a friend now asked me what this whole year meant to me in just one word, And the first word that came to my mind was is “catalytic”, Because after this year here I believe that the direction of my life has taken the path of my dreams. Thank you, to everyone that has influenced and built that path with me, you all know who you are. 


Ernesto is hosted by  Deutsches Tanzfilminstitut (TAFI)  on our project “Achieve Recognition Through Social Media”, financed by the European Solidarity Corps and JUGEND für Europa.