Till in Skopje, North Macedonia // 3rd Report

Last week I had a crucial moment that changed once again my perspective on my time here in North Macedonia. On a party I was asked how much time I have left in Macedonia and when I will return to Germany. I answered: “I think in around 6 months.” A friend interrupted me there and said: “Till I feel like you are saying 6 months since a long time already.” And indeed, when I counted again, I realized there are only 4 months left. Only one third of this unique time in my life!


In this very moment I decided I need to change something. In the past month I really settled down in my everyday life in Skopje. Living in Macedonia became too normal for me and I stopped appreciating every single moment of this great opportunity. I work 5 days a week and even the weekends became repetitive in a way. With my “Stepfamily,” yes that’s how we call my friend group, I met up every Sunday for dinner after we always went in a bar on Saturday. I even started to sing in a Macedonian choir, which is a great experience but at the same time very time consuming with 3 rehearsal per week. All in all, I think I developed to many routines, which even made me forget for a while that I am on a volunteering service in a different country.


But I don’t want to arouse a too negative impression of my time here. In the end of August I went with friends on their first big project as an environmental organization. The “Trash Tour” was a series of big clean-up actions in different cities in Macedonia. Everyday a new city for a whole week! And it was very successful! We had looots of fun and really the feeling, we made an impact and were an inspiration for many people. Priceless! Furthermore, I went on my first concerts in Macedonia, had workwise many projects in different cities all over the country and went in the stadium to see the football match Germany vs. North Macedonia.


For the next 4 months I really want to enjoy my time here to the fullest. Break up with my routines and habits and go back to the randomness and adventure a volunteering year should provide in my opinion.




Till is hosted on the project “Volunteers for a Green Future” by GoGreen in Skopje, North Macedonia. The project is financed by the European Solidarity Corps and JUGEND für Europa.