Abroad // Youth Exchange “Wake up – Take action” in Mavrovo, Macedonia

From 4-14th of April 2016, 8 youngsters from Germany joined 36 other from Croatia, Greece, Spain, Macedonia and Norway in the beautiful national park Mavrovo in Macedonia to have the international youth exchange “Wake up – Take action”. The youth exchange was organized by the host Go Green, our NaturKultur e.V., and LPN from Norway.

During this youth exchange  the youngsters had the opportunity to learn about environment and how can it be protected, to learn what kind of adaptation and mitigation measures can we take, how much waste do we create, or how do we destroy the environment with everyday habits. The youngsters also had the opportunity to learn about the different cultures, attend the national evenings, to present their own country, culture, food and traditions.

During the project there were three outdoor events organized:

  • 1. The Green Job fair where we visited a local high school and talked with the youngsters about different opportunities in concern of jobs and studying opportunities in the 7 different European countries (including fees, application procedures etc)
  • 2. Waste clean up action – where the youngsters were joined by many other people and were cleaning the garbage from the national park Mavrovo.
  • 3. Visit of a solar plant where they learned everything in terms of how does the solar panels work.

The project was financed from Erasmus + program over the Norwegian national agency (AKTIV UNGDOM)