Eva in Bremen // Final Report

I am sitting in the Antalya airport, practically at the same place as one year ago and now I really feel how many things have changed.

So, it was the most difficult year in my life but at the same time one of the most beautiful. The first months of my volunteering were super challenging: cultural shock, language barrier, not very nice situation in the flat, problems at work… Once I was already looking for tickets back because I was absolutely done.

Then the things started slowly change in a more positive way. Troublemakers left our flat and we got a very nice WG-vibe, I went to a language course, improved my German and met a lot of cool people, who were fighting the same problems that I did. And, icing on the cake, I find a well-paid remote work and got money for my future studying and travelling. So I can say that last month I really enjoyed the peace and stability )

Now I can say that I am happy that I did this project. I’ve grown a lot, made some important decisions, learned many things about myself and the world around, met so many great people and tried absolutely crazy things.

I was lucky to work with a very nice and professional team, they are absolutely wonderful people and I really felt their personal attitude and love. Just imagine: people who normally don’t eat meat did a barbecue for my good-bye party because they knew I would enjoy it!

My relationships with teenagers from our youth center are also an important part of the story. It’s so great when they start to trust you, when you have a chance to learn them from absolutely different side, when you can see how they are changing.  During the year I had a lot of surprises, not all the time positive, but still J

So, in the end of the day, I am going home thankful and satisfied, with a huge luggage of absolutely different but important experience. I am really happy that I managed to go through all of this and want to thank the people who helped me on my way: our great Freizi team, my lovely flatmates and friends. May be one day we’ll see each other again, but now I want to say good bye and open another page in my life.

Eva was hosted by Junge Stadt gGmbH on our project co-funded by the European Union.