Abroad // Youth Exchange “We are the world” in Norway

“We are the world” was the follow- up international youth exchange after the sucessful exchange “Be prepared- be active” that happened 2013 in Rustavi, Georgia.

With “We are the world” our norwegian partner invited young people in the age of 15-25 from Georgia, Armenia, Germany, Belarus, Moldova and Slovenia for a great winter sport experience in Norway, Alta region from 3rd to 12th of February 2014. The workshops during the project were separated into two blocks:

– The first block were the Winter Olympic Games which were paralel with the ones being held in Sochi, Russia at the same time. During our Winter Olympic games we could have do typical traditional winter sports in norway: cross country, snow shoeing, sled kicking etc.

– The second block was designated for intercultural discussion about human rights, minorities issues, totalitarismus as a way of governing in Europe and many others. The participants had the chance to discuss all these topics with specifics from their personal experiences from the home countries.

The project was completed with cultural activities such as visiting local highschool during the Sapmi day selebration(which are the minority population in Norway), visiting the higly popular Ice Hotel, going on the top on the Fjord with a Skidoo etc.

This project was funded by “Aktiv Ungdom” through the “Youth in Action” program. We want to thank Altafjörd Camping for the kind hospitality.