Abroad // Youth Exchange “Youth 4 Health” in Spain – Comeback Event

After a youth exchange, the country groups are encouraged to organise an event to share what they learned with their friends and family. Here’s what Tina and Ramona of  our German Team on “Youth 4 Health” organised when coming back from Spain! 

“The dissemination event took place at 15th of October 2021 in the beautiful “Paradies-Park” in Jena. The event was constructed as a workshop disseminating knowledge the facilitators gained during the youth exchange “Youth4Health” organized by Brisa Intercultural. The main part of the Workshop was formed by a HIIT workout accompanied by theoretical blocs and a meditation at the end. As the weather conditions were not ideally and it was raining, there was a short discussion to hold the workshop online via Zoom. After getting in touch with the 4 participants who confirmed their participation and discussing together, we decided to still do it outside.

The event consists of the following phases:

  1. Welcoming the participants, explaining the background to the event, i.e. shortly familiarizing the audience with the youth exchange and its goals and areas of focus
  2. Introducing the participants to today’s workout, its structure and target muscles
  3. Starting the actual workout, which will last about 20 mins (depending on the participants’ fitness levels), including a warmup and cool down phase
  4. Stretching the targeted muscles, about 5 to 10 mins
  5. Meditation, about 5 to 10 mins
  6. Short reflection with the participants:
  7. Closing words by the facilitators
  8. Going home happy 🙂

During the whole workshop the mood of all included parties was great, even though the rain got a little bit harder. The feedback of the participants was amazing. Especially the reflection section gave us an insight in how successful the Workshop was. Already during the first phase of explaining the background to the event and shortly familiarizing the audience with the youth exchange, a few participants told us, that the concept of such youth exchanges is new to them. They were very thankful to get to know that opportunities like this exist. The facilitators got into an exchange of experience about how to find an opportunity to participate in a youth exchange and what to expect during a youth exchange.

Further the reflection section gave an insight in what the participants learned during the Workshop. According to the Feedback of the participants, they learned a lot more than expected. Except some technical facts about their body, they also learned a lot about themselves. One participant for example reported that he realized that if there are other people “suffering” with him and watching him, he is more capable than he thought when it comes to sports. It gave him some feeling of peer pressure and motivated him to keep up. The others agreed with his feeling and decided to try to get together in the future and do a workout together. All participants agreed that doing sport together (despite of the rain) immediately gave them a sense of belonging together. All in all, the event can be considered as successful and inspiring for the participants as well as the facilitators.”

Ramona & Tina