Elisabet in Bremen // Final Report

One year ago, I arrived in Bremen carrying a lot of expectations and fears. It was only a year ago, but I feel I was really young when I arrived, because this experience made me grow up so fast.

Jokes Die Circusschule, I only have grateful words for them. Göran, Clara and Beni showed me a new profession, they had a lot of patience and I learnt a lot from them. The office was always warm, and not because of the heating, but because of the welcome from Dietmar and Claudi. Then, Louisa and Daniel joined Jokes adding more kindness and good vibes to this place. I shared this volunteering experience with Frieda and then with Theresa, who made the work easier and funnier, it never felt like work when I was with both of you. Every Friday evening feels that the time goes faster in the free trainings. We train for 4 hours, but it feels like 20 minutes. Thanks to Alex and Toby for everything they shared with me, you were so welcoming from the beginning. Every Project I participate in, made me grow up professionally and personally. Performing in this gorgeous tent made me feel fulfilled, and I had the opportunity a couple of times; “Kiste auf, Circus raus” or “Raise your voice”, for example, when I got challenges like to learn how to walk in the ball or improve my acrobatic skills. One of the projects I enjoyed the most, was designing the mural for a container and then painting it with the help of Puls Camp or a camp we did with Ukrainian refugees.

In one of my reports I wrote that the people I used to share this experience with, were the sun in this rainy city, and I was totally right. I was the last volunteer of my generation and I feel that I lived in two different Bremen, one warm Bremen being surrounded by amazing people and one darker Bremen, feeling alone and seeing how other people took their place. I have shared a lot of adventures with them, we travelled a lot together around Europe; Denmark, Poland, France, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Germany… The daily routine it’s harder without them; I miss doing hairdresser evenings with Walaa and Marie, finishing on my carpet talking about life, going to a party with the guys and dancing with Sergio or singing AnnenMaykantereit with Emöke, enjoying the food from Eurielle, talking about future with Sanja, and enjoying the sun with Lou, or doing hot chocolate when it was rainy. Thanks for everything, you can not imagine how much I miss our time together in Bremen, I just wish to see you soon guys.


I achieved a lot of goals, I grew up, and I met amazing people. Thanks ESC for making this possible.

Elisabet is hosted by Jokes Die Circusschule on our project financed by the European Solidarity Corps and Jugend für Europa.