Yanitsa in Bremen // 1st Report

This is an opportunity that gives you the chance to write your story, to live it, to step outside of yourself, your circle, and what you know before. To be whomever you want to be, however, you want to be. To be vulnerable, to pile up situations to laugh or just cry over later because you’ve been there and met people who have contributed to your story and the path you’re on. Because if not now, when? If not here, where else. And this is the moment of realization, of acceptance, of understanding, of total surrender to the here and now. We are always where we are supposed to be, aren’t we? And now my “there” is here in Bremen. I like new places, I like walking down streets I’ve never walked down, visiting museums I’ve never been to, and learning a language I never thought I’d learn. Just to be. To enjoy. 

The most valuable thing about these projects is the interconnections with people, and how new meanings, new beginnings, and new friendships are found where you least expected.

I felt people like home, I allowed myself to be myself again. 

What else can I write… 

I am just grateful. 

 Yanitsa is hosted by  Deutsches Tanzfilminstitut (TAFI) financed by the European Solidarity Corps and Jugend für Europa.