Salome in Bremen // 2nd Report

9 months and a half have flown by, and here we are, marking the culmination of our volunteering project. Now it’s time for nostalgia, no more confusion about the project, maybe a bit, but you slowly follow the flow. It’s a moment to reflect on all that has been accomplished, to reassure yourself that our contributions have indeed been substantial.

But what happened in these last months? a lot. So much, that you never can recall everything completely, but you try to save all the moments and carry them with you. People left, that you loved and you can feel emptiness around you but remain grateful for the meaningful relationships forged along the way. Memories pass by in front of your eyes and you almost can hear the laughter of your friends about silly moments or your jokes.  We hope that these memories will endure, resisting the passage of time.

Turning focus to the practical aspects of the journey, what transpired during these months? What were the standout moments? I found fulfillment in completing my assigned project and filming our concerts. There were countless cool moments—capturing the energy of the crowd, zooming in on the passionate expressions of musicians, and preserving the magic of each musical piece.  The editing process continues and I can’t wait to see the result. 

While this chapter may be ending, I’m excited for the next adventure that awaits, knowing that the experiences and lessons learned during this time will continue to shape my journey forward.

Salome is hosted by Kulturzentrum Schlachthof Bremen on our project co-funded by the European Union.