Saida in Bremen // 2nd Report

It’s been six months, I can’t believe that I have another report to write. I am really happy that a lot has happened on my personal life so far. Just a short remind, I am Saida and work at school in Bremen. 

I have met so many people since I came here, and it’s made me feel more comfortable with new people in terms of communications that were really hard before I moved to the new society. Living in a new environment makes me more sympathetic and understanding to other people. I’ve learned so much about my feelings and needs thanks to the fact that I live alone. I’ve been more acquainted with myself than ever before.

I wasn’t comfortable with two things about my project in the beginning. The first is the way to school, which takes more than half an hour, and the second is the meal in the cafeteria. There was no way I could have been comfortable with them. I remember that at sixth grade, I gave a presentation about my homeland. I explained there how delicious Azerbaijani food is and cannot eat here and two months passed and once I said my colleagues “I feel that something changed at the cafeteria and meal tastes delicious and he answered that everything is the same, but your taste changed”. I’ve realized since that day that I’ve really accomplished something about myself. Things which seemed to bother me are not bothering me anymore. I’m starting to get used to them. On the way to school I read book and actually found a bit easier way to go there. Fortunately, the meals at school are now my favourite. They’re delicious, and most importantly, they’re healthy. 

I’m really thankful that I chose this project. I’ve been given plenty of advice about the students and their behaviour that will be essential in my future career. What I’m really happy about is that I’ve learned new hobbies at school. Thank to my mentor who allowed me to participated in different lessons I learned how to knit, how to do pottery from clay and soon I will learn swimming as well in swimming class. I realize that my life is more colourful than before.

In addition, I am trying to go into German culture so that I’ve been involved in various Sprachcafes at church and library where I communicate with German people and learn from them cultural facts and improve my German skills. I’ve made a bunch of friends there, too. I often spent time with them visiting sightseeing or talking. 

I have many plans from now on in upcoming 4 months till my project ends. Visiting some other countries in Europe and cities in Germany. 

Saida is hosted by Tobiasschule und Kindergarten e.V. on our project financed by the European Solidarity Corps and Jugend für Europa