Júlia in Bremen // Final Report


It’s the 24th of October. I arrived to Bremen exactly one year ago to spend 6 months here. Well haha. Mission failed.

I’m still in Bremen, writing this final report sitting in my new WG where I just moved. I started doing my masters at the university last week and I’ll start my new jobs next month. Life is quite funny, isn’t it?

At the beginning of October I was supposed to move home. But instead of moving home I just stayed at home. I loved my life in Hungary, honestly and truly. And I love my life here, every moment of it. But in the past 3 years I moved 6,5 times, and one thing I learned from it is that now I’m pretty sure I’ll love my life wherever I go. (I also learned that I truly hate moving and that this amount of moving really is enough for me for a while). So I’ll just stay, and I’ll stay here.

My heart still hurts thinking that I’ll stay a long distance sister+(grand)daughter, and my brain already hurts from studying on my third language.

But I have love here, I have support here, I have my people here, I have my life here now and I grow every day. Even if it’s so difficult, but I love it here and I am loved here, a lot.



Júlia was hosted by Kultur vor Ort e.V. on our project financed by the European Solidarity Corps and Jugend für Europa.