Abroad // Training Course “Who wants to be an Entrepreneur?” in Limassol, Cyprus

Businesses have a far more important mission than delivering the services and products promised. The culture formed within the society of a firm, shapes employees’ personality which in turn has an impact on the greater society. It is therefore, vital, that competent entrepreneurs cultivate healthy attributes when leading their businesses and create an environment where entrepreneurship flourishes. On 4 April 2015, eight Cypriot NGO youth members along with another 24 participants embarked on an entrepreneurship program. The event was part of the “Key Action 1 – Mobility of youth workers” initiative and was organized by Natur Kultur and Erasmus+, along with the diligent help of Cyprus Youth Council’s own Georgios Panayiotou.

The event took place at Navarria Hotel in Limassol for one week. “Who wants to be an entrepreneur?” question attracted participants to join from various nationalities, including Malta, Macedonia, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece and Cyprus. Accredited and inspiring trainers, namely Darko Mitevski (Macedonia), Goce Pesev (Macedonia) and Jim Kleiber (California) did a great job in delivering the purpose of the program in an enjoyable and smooth learning style. Through workshops, discussion groups and task forces, the flow of knowledge and exchange of ideas were boosted. Short talks and guidance were given between these activities in order to present the major notions that revolve around entrepreneurship and the methods for practicing it in a professional way. A process of ‘learning by doing’ was engaged by performing stimulating outdoor activities which in the end concluded the importance of planning before acting, effective collaboration and communication between team members, allocation of resources, problem solving etc.
The seminar, also welcomed exceptional entrepreneurs who proved to have inspired all participants for making a vital contribution to the world by becoming entrepreneurs. Similarly, the participants were encouraged for transferring this inspiration to others. In this way, contagion of the positive influence generated through this event would be assured.

This experience was not simply a matter of meeting people from different backgrounds but rather, an opportunity for networking with people who have similar ambitions for the future. The expression of personal views, ideas, concerns and dreams for building innovative businesses that will shape the world differently, led to creating a warm connection between all participants. This connection proved to be an empowering source of alertness throughout the entire duration of the event.

The empowering atmosphere was simultaneously necessary for having the stamina to join the consecutive extravagant and entertaining cultural nights and parties held, that kept the majority of us awake for endless talks, dancing, singing, drinking and having fun. On the mid-week free day, the Cypriot group organized impromptu excursions to Omodos and Old Nicosia for showing around the hosting country. Hilarious energizers, a beach party by a rather cold beach, walks by the sea and ventures out to the local center experiences, also, became pleasant memories not soon to be forgotten!

The training was a success and closed with the forming of new friendships, potential business opportunities and with an inspiration to empower and support other people to chase their dreams and create the right businesses.

Ioli Kynigou & Victoria Varda