Helin in Bremen // 2nd Report

Moin everyone again from Bremen, 

I can not believe that time flies. In my second half in Bremen, my German and the weather is getting better. Finally, my new northern home is getting warmer.  Flowers bloom, nature refreshes itself…  It is important, because if you come from a country where have sunshine in every season, it is hard to adapt the daily life without the sun. 

It is been almost 9 months in Bremen. Towards the last days of the winter, I had started feeling depressive. And then I realised that the only reason of it is to be without sun. The life here for me is very quite and peaceful. I was in Hamburg last month for my mid-term seminar. To be honest, it was not as enjoyable as the first seminar. I guess sharing the amateur emotions and feeling inexperienced makes everyone feel closer to each other. I really love the place I work for and what I do. I think that it is a chance that to find an appropriate project with your educational background. Also I started planning my life after my project. I hope I can tell you more concretely in my final report. 

Bis bald!

Helin is hosted by Freie Hansestadt Bremen Senatskanzlei  on our project financed by the European Solidarity Corps and Jugend für Europa.