Germany // Training Course “Train the trainers – It’s up to me 3” in Diepenau

Train the trainers “It´s up to me 3” was a third edition of a successful training “Its up to me” that was held from 2-10th of March 2016 in Diepenau, Germany where were 42 youth workers and trainers together from 7 different countries(Germany, Norway, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Macedonia and Latvia). The training course showed to be a great learning experience for the participants from professional but also personal point of view.

The goal of the training was to provide learning by doing experience for the participants about the key things that define a good trainer – soft skills such as presentation, public speaking, self expression skills, attitudes and behaviors such as leading by example, being a role model, using different methods and tools and to provide them materials for their further development.

After they learned all these methods, skills and behaviors, they had to apply all those at the end of the project where they have designed, developed, prepared and delivered a 1h workshop on which they received detailed feedback with improvements in terms of design of the workshop, methods used, reaching the goals, visual aids, preparation and many other things.

During all activities the participants received individual and detailed feedback from the trainers, on that way we as trainers and they as participants could have tracked their learning and growth.

During the workshops, but also free time and international evenings the participants could have learned about each others culture, how things are done in different European countries, traditions and way of life.

We are expecting this training to be a powerful experience that will motivate the participants to be more active and to have a more self assertive attitude and create many new projects that are going to impact greatly their societies and to continue spreading the learning to other people, too.

The project was financed from Erasmus+ program over the German National Agency.