Joan in Bremen // 2nd report

Nine months ago I could not imagine all that I have experienced up to now.

Now, I can confirm that it has been the best experience of my life. I have travelled to many places, Frankfurt, Berlin, Hannover, Hameln, Lübeck… even to Turkey, obviously travelling to Spain a couple of times. When you go back to your hometown, that’s when you realise the change. Of all the experiences you wouldn’t have had if you had stayed.

Now I can work independently with teenagers in my workplace, when we don’t understand each other in German, they respect that and we use other methods. In the end you can always organise whatever you want, during this time I have been able to organise some weekly activities such as pool games, football matches, encouraging the teenagers to sing in front of everyone and even organising a football tournament together with other youth centres.

For me, the only question you can ask yourself is, how can I help selflessly? Choose your hobby or your passion and develop it. You will not only help yourself but also many other people.

Obviously, in addition to all these challenges overcome, there are others yet to be overcome. Learning a language is not easy. So is understanding people without them speaking to us. When I finish writing this text I’m going back to Spain, let’s see what remains to be achieved this year, these 3 months that are left. Will Joan make it? We will find out in the final report!

Most importantly, have fun on the way!

Tschüss :’)

Joan is hosted by Junge Stadt gGmbH on our project financed by the European Solidarity Corps and Jugend für Europa.