Abroad // Youth Exchange “Hashtag” in Spain

Intercultural Youth Exchange in Penafiel, Spain

From 9th to 18th of September NaturKultur e.V. sent a group of 7 participants from Germany to our partner organisation WE LIVE in Spain. The participants on this youth exchange were young people between 18 and 30 years from Greece, Croatia, Romania, Spain, Portugal and Germany.

The topic of the exchange was intercultural dialog, common european problems such as youth unemployment, participation and cultural diversity. Methods during the exchange were all informal, such as discussions, simulations, role plays, intercultural evenings and much more.

The German participants went to Spain with a lot of questions in their head: What will they expect in Spain, how will the people there be and what crazy things will we do there? But after the exchange all of them guarantee: They will never forget this time in their lives! All participants got friends together and learned many new things such as how to make movies- how to edit them, how can they speak in public or just learned a lot of new interesting things about the partner countries.

More information of our partner WELive and the project you can finde here:

Impressions of the exchange you’ll find in the photos under.

This project was funded by the spanish National Agency through the Program ERASMUS+.