Saida in Bremen // 1st Report

Hello, dear reader,

So, it is time to write a report it means 3 months passed. Time really flies. 

I am Saida from Azerbaijan. Before coming to Bremen, I was reading to other volunteers’ stories in websites and I hoped it would happen to me one day in my life, as well. So now I am writing my own stories about my wonderful project. 

6 months ago, I saw a project among European Solidarity Corps projects. It was about working with children in a school. I was so excited and passioned about it. Most importantly it would be in Germany, my dream country. I read all requirements and they lived up my expectations. I planned every time to come to only Germany and lived there for a while. It was just time to make these wishes come true. As I applied, I didn’t expect my dream come true so early. It was unplanned for my family and for myself as well. After I was accepted, my heart started to beat. My dream was coming closer. 

After accepted, the first thing I did was to search about Bremen and situation here for my safeness. Actually, after searching I was getting more worried because there was many fake information about Bremen. I was about to deny to come. But then I said you should follow dream otherwise you will regret throughout your life. Maybe that will not happen again and your dream will always stay as a dream. I started to do my visa application process with my organization. After that everything went well. I got my visa and I am here more than 3 months.

Now I am so grateful about my decision. I feel that my soft skill is improving as well. Living alone, starting a new life with completely new people make me more self-confident. I am living with 4 other volunteers together from Turkey, Russia and two people from Spain. 5 different culture in one flat. It is so excited, isn’t it?! We sometimes cook together, visit some places and share our own culture, we learn from each other a lot.  

I am doing my project in Tobias- Schule where some children have some difficulties to learn. I support kids mainly in garden where children learn how to plant, take care of hens. I also help in math and handwork classes. Working in school is an advantage for me, I am improving not only my German skill, but also my knowledge on pedagogical point of view by working with children.  The teachers and children are super kind and helpful from whom I really learn a lot.  I am very happy that I am working such a wonderful place around precious people.

I am doing a project that I really like, I am living in a country that is my favorite with its punctual rules, I am learning a language that I love. That is the happiness. That is the life.

Mach’s gut! 🙂


Saida is hosted by Tobiasschule und Kindergarten e.V. on our project financed by the European Solidarity Corps and Jugend für Europa