Sergio in Bremen, Germany // 1st Report

Hi everyone, or as they say here, Moin!

My name is Sergio and I´m 22 years. I´m from Gran Canaria, Spain.  After finishing my studies, I didn’t know what the next step in my life would be, but what I knew for sure was that I wanted to go to a foreign country for a long period of time. One day, a guy who was doing an ESC and was from the same island as me, explained me what it was about, the requirements and how his experience was going. So I started to search for information, looking for projects that were similar to my studies, in my case, education. After a few months of searching, I had two interviews for two projects in different cities, and luckily I was selected for one of them.

1 month after I was selected, I arrived in Bremen in the beginning of September 2021, to start my European solidarity project for 1 year. It’s still hard for me to think that 3 months have passed, the time went so fast. I live in a flat with 4 other volunteers of different nationalities, France, Macedonia and Hungary. It was the first time I was going to live with different people, in another country and other languages, but I can’t be more grateful for living this experience with all the volunteers (there are 2 more houses close to our house). We spend a lot of time together like having dinners, watching movies, boardgames, planning trips or going out for a drink.

I´m doing my volunteering project in Tobias-Schule. It´s a school with children with different difficulties where my tasks are mainly helping in the kitchen, where the children learn how to cook, cut vegetables, fruits, etc… I also help the swimming pool teacher and the hausmeister, where my task is to paint wood. Two days per week, at Host, I have lunch with some children from the school, and I have to spend time with them like going to the park for a walk or trying to do activities with them. The school is super nice and the people are friendly. Sometimes it is difficult to communicate especially with the children but they try to understand or explain me in a different way.

I´m very to glad be part of this project and to live this adventure. I am working on what I really like, working with children, living in another country, where I am improving or trying to improve my English. Obviously, I’m learning German in order to be able to have a long conversation. I was doubting before coming, whether I was making the right choice. I was wondering what the volunteer work would be like, the city, the people, but this kind of decisions are the ones that lead you to live the best moments in life. For sure, this is one of them, and after these months here, I wouldn’t change my choice and the experience I’m having.


Sergio is hosted by Tobiasschule und Kindergarten e.V. on our project financed by the European Solidarity Corps and Jugend für Europa.