Elisabet in Bremen // 1st Report

I’m Elisabet, I’m 23 years old and I come from Spain. After finishing University I had the necessity of moving to another Country. On the 26th of October I arrived in Bremen, Germany, my new adventure started and I didn´t imagine how much this experience would change me. 

I’m working with Jokes, the circus schule, where I’m learning a lot of different circus disciplines like trapeze, straps, silks, acrobatics, juggling… Thanks to the patience of my workmates and the open training where I used to attend every friday. The main activity I have to do in the Circus Schule is help in the class with the children. Also I did other kinds of tasks like graphic design, this is something I have experience in, and it helps to make flyers and programs for the school. There are other labour activities I have to do like clean the tent, cut the grass…

The life in Bremen is a life in society, NaturKultur hosts around thirteen volunteers with whom I usually meet to do differents activities like travel, ride bikes, make karaoke nights, cook together, go to ice skating, go to swim, partying, watch films, play video games, hairdressing, teach and learn new languages… Also take care of each other when we are ill or we don’t feel our best. They are the sun in this cloudy city.

In my view, I’m improving my English since I arrived and also I’m learning German. I have high goals with language skills, and I hope to follow working as hard as now and achieve it. Another target I have is travel, we are in the middle of Europe and we have facilities to travel, but there are things not under my control like covid, an apparently third World war and the weather.

For me Bremen is also a way to discover myself and find my best version. I’m working on myself physically and mentally. I’m trying to acquire new tools to afford the life, because while you are living this great experience the life in your home country is still moving on, and they have new problems all the while you are far away and you can’t do too much. 

I’m scared of how time flies. I have the feeling it was yesterday when I arrived, and I spent almost four month here. For my next seven months I only wish to follow work in circus discipline, language skills, myself and spend good time with the volunteers.


Elisabet is hosted by Jokes Die Circusschule on our project financed by the European Solidarity Corps and Jugend für Europa.