Marina in Bremen // Final Report

I remember the first meeting with my curator. She said that the project would go very quickly, but of course I didn’t believe her, because there was still a whole year ahead. I remember people asking me how long I’ve been here and I answered a week, a month, 2 months, like it was yesterday. But everything comes to an end, and unfortunately my project too.

I would say it was the best year in my life. It changed my life, my attitude towards it and gave me an unforgettable experience and cool friends. It’s amazing how much one decision can affect you, especially if that decision is to make an ESC project.

During this year I have learned a lot. Every month we had to write 10 things that I did for the first time in my life. It was interesting to re-read it, especially the first month. The first three items were: 1. a long conversation in English, 2. I met a lot of people from different countries and 3. I did a corona test. It’s funny that in May these things were new, and in a year they have become almost a daily practice.

My English and German are improved, I learned how to work with new programs, I could implement any of my ideas on Instagram, I helped in managing workshops for children, where I also learned a lot, I got experience working with children and interesting experience of working in an organization without a general manager, and etc. I visited many concerts, lectures and performances. Life in Germany taught me to be more ecofriendly, to accept myself and my body more  and showed that age doesn’t mean anything at all (there is a life after 40). And also, that it isn’t necessary to rush in order to keep up with everything and live happily. Another interesting thing is that now I can quickly switch between three languages and speak each of them quite confidently.

I traveled quite a lot, during this time I managed to visit many cities in Germany, Amsterdam, Prague and Venice. I heard a lot about how different Germany is and I was able to verify this.

But the most important thing I have found here is the people. It’s amazing, I came here in May completely alone, not knowing anyone, but I found so many friends. We have become almost like a family. We spent a lot of time together, I never felt alone. I am sure that we will keep this friendship for life and we’ll definitely meet again. In my cultural center, I was very lucky with my colleagues. I was able to work with amazing people who taught me a lot both in terms of work and life experience. Also a special thanks to Lina and Irma for helping me with everything from answering weird questions about German and Germans to helping me solve the problems of my future. I am very lucky with all the people I met here. With one special person, we even go to Indonesia together, so my adventures don’t end 🙂


Marina is hosted by Kulturzentrum Schlachthof on our project “Global Difference Makers”, financed by the European Solidarity Corps and JUGEND für Europa.