Germany // Youth Exchange “Somewhere I Belong” in Bremen

“Somewhere I belong” project has been inspired by the paradox of the mobility – while on one side mobility assumes possibilities to work and travel, some people, on the other side, have been forced to move due to a war, poverty or political repression. Generally, our project aims to make young Europeans be aware of this paradox: to appreciate mobility opportunities they have and to getinvolved in solving the humanitarian crisis in Europe caused by unpredicted flows of migrants fleeing war.

On more concrete level, with this project we gather 36  young people from five different countries and various backgrounds to discuss about mobility as opportunity, current immigration to Europe and humanitarian work, and to summarize that discussion in a brochure as the visible outcome of the project. The project comprises workshops on which mobility, refugee issue, and humanitarian concepts are discussed, practical visits of humanitarian organizations from which youth learn about humanitarian work on the ground, as well as two concrete actions through which young people demonstrate what they acquire during the YE: small, but symbolically powerful humanitarian activity directed to refugees located in Bremen and distribution of the created brochure on Bremen’s streets with the aim of inspiring others to get involved in humanitarian activities.


In the youth-exchange spirit, the project is carried out through story telling, sharing experience among participants, workshops, presentations, informal talk, role playing, group work, street actions and similar activities through which youth can be both relaxed and highly motivated to participate.
As the result of activities of this project, young volunteers and workers understand better the context they live in, in which they can both enjoy mobility opportunities and make others happy. Participants are more confident and ready to make concrete humanitarian actions in their own communities. In the long run our altruistic idea, due to dissemination activities, reaches a large number of young people who become inspired to join humanitarian activities and make Europe and World a happier place which warmly welcomes those in need of protection.

This project is funded and supportet by the German National Agency “Jugend für Europa” through the ERASMUS+ program.