Abroad // Training Course “Supporting Employability through Self-Development” in Prizren, Kosovo

From the 21st to 28th of March, three participants have represented NaturKultur on a Training Course in Prizren, Kosovo, which is part of the project “Supporting Employability through Self-Development”. Thirty youngsters from ten different countries from the Balkan peninsula, Italy and Germany learned methods to improve young people’s employability skills, including communication training, time management and self-esteem.

On a day trip to the capital, Prishtina, they met the Innovation Center Kosovo and the enterprise gjirafa.com to get in touch with the local conditions and facilitators establishing a contact and exchange of ideas and human resources.

Participants also prepared workshops during the project which can be used as tools to train employability in all of its different facets.

Despite the intense programme, there was much time to exchange experiences, to get to know other cultures, laugh together, going beyond stereotypes and make new friends.

Now each country will prepare a workshop on local level to apply what they learned and to transfer this knowledge to young people in their country. After the local workshops, we will meet together again for the last part of the project, the Seminar held in Durres, Albania this June. Our experiences and impressions from the workshops will be synthesized into a Toolkit which serves everyone who wants to provide young people skills they will need in their working life.