Tamara in Bremen // 1st Report

It all started when I happened to check my email and saw the letter from NaturKultur saying that I was selected as a volunteer. 

I can’t describe in words how happy I was at that moment, I was sure that I would have a wonderful opportunity to make friends, travel, gain new experience and make my dreams come true.

And here I am months later in Bremen. I remember the first day I arrived, on the way home, there were some Christmas markets, they immediately caught my attention with their colourful lights and the variety of people, and I kept looking outside, I didn’t want to miss anything, and I was already completely in love with Bremen since our first meeting. 

Bremen is not just a city for me, here I have a wonderful job, which I enjoy every day, with the help of my wonderful colleagues, everything was very easy for me at work, because they are willing to support me in case of any problems that arise at work.

When people ask me “what is Bremen like for you?” I answer “Bremen is already in my heart” it means I just admire this city every day, I love Bremen’s narrow streets and old buildings, I love the mood of the city, even the humid weather, which at first I thought I would not adapt to.

And now I will turn to the most precious thing for me in Bremen, which is wonderful friends who have become family for me.

Coming here, I couldn’t even imagine that I would be surrounded by such warm and wonderful people who fill my every day with positivity. Every single day is a gift with these wonderful persons.

My thousand thanks to NaturKultur for giving me the opportunity to change my life completely. This new reality has already made me a whole new person.

Tamara is hosted by Freie Waldorfschule Bremen on our project financed by the European Solidarity Corps and Jugend für Europa.