Do you study in Bremen?

How do you feel about having free accommodation in exchange for helping young students?


In collaboration with NaturKultur, housing associations in Bremen offer free housing opportunities to people studying in Bremen. In exchange, the selected students will be spending a few hours every week (20 hours per month) helping school students with homework and implement other activities.

This program aims to strengthen the bonds between people living in Bremen Gröpelingen and support young people that come from disadvantaged social environments within the neighborhood.

The accommodation that will be provided to the university students is shared flats in 2-3-bedroom apartments located in Gröpelingen.

The apartments are offered rent free and parts of the living costs are provided by the Deutsche KindergeldStiftung. More specifically, these housing associations are involved: GEWOBA Aktiengesellschaft Wohnen und Bauen, Vonovia, Brebau – Bremer Wohnungsbaugesellschaft and ESPABAU – Eisenbahn, Spar- und Bauverein Bremen eG.

The students will be working in four different schools in Gröpelingen, these are: Neue Oberschule Gröpelingen, Oberschule Ohlenhof, Oberschule im Park and Gesamtschule-West.

Responsibilities of the Study Friends

Concerning the accommodation:

  • You will have to cover a deposit (approx. 375 -400 Euros)
  • You will have to pay a small amount of the total utility expenses (living costs, water, electricity , internet etc.)
  • You will share the apartment with other 2 or 3 Study Friends
  • You need to bring you own furniture when moving in

Cornering helping the students:

  • You will have to spend 20 hours per month helping the students with homework and other activities
  • The schools you will be volunteering at, are located in Gröpelingen
  • You can offer activities in the field of your studies, or any other knowledge you would like to share!


  • You can be a Study Friend as long as you are enrolled at a university course in Bremen, there is no other time limitation
  • You need to speak German at least at level C1

Here, you will find the program site with further information and the application form.

Any more questions?

Send an email at [email protected] with your phone number and your questions.

StudyFriends is funded by the Senatorin für Kinder und Bildung and the Deutsche KindergeldStiftung.

Other partners: Senatorin für Bau, Mobilität und Stadtentwicklung