Abroad // Youth Exchange “H.E.L.P.” in Aruba

The Youth Exchange H.E.L.P (Humans Empowering Local Projects) took place in Aruba, a Dutch overseas territory, with active participation from six countries Sint Maarten, Aruba, Curacao, Greece, Germany, and Croatia, 42 participants in total. Focused on the theme of activism, the exchange featured local volunteering actions in three diverse locations, allowing participants to make a meaningful impact across various fields.


In addition to the volunteering initiatives, the exchange included youth led workshops, where each country conducted a self prepared session. A notable highlight was the “country breakfast,” where diverse groups prepared authentic breakfasts, and the German team led a workshop on Environmental Protection, addressing a pressing global concern. Moreover, every country prepared a culture evening. In this event, each country tried to bring the culture of their country closer to the others with the help of quizzes, games, food and typical songs and dances. Every group put so much effort into it and it was just fun.


The program was pretty strictly planned. After breakfast from 7 to 8, we always had a fixed program until 4:30 p.m. In between there was a lunch break and a coffee break. After 4:30 p.m. we were usually free and could spend our evening as we wanted. We mostly used the time to go to the beach, went swimming and watched the sunset. In the workshops we talked, learned and discussed a lot about environmental protection, sustainability and ways of activism. 

During our volunteer work, we made Christmas decorations in one day, which were then sold at a bazaar. Another day we helped out on a farm. The third part of the volunteer work was a collaboration with a retirement home. We danced Zumba together and played games afterwards. For many, the highlight of the youth exchange was the island trip. We took a bus around Aruba and explored it. We saw a lot of beautiful beaches, a lighthouse, the hooiberg and a Aloe Vera Farm. In the end we stopped at the Baby Beach and were able to go swim there.


Expressing the sentiments of the German delegation, the experience was nothing short of extraordinary. The workshops made a lasting impact, and the opportunity to immerse in the unique local culture was equally enriching. The warmth of the weather and the beauty of the beach added to the overall gratitude felt by the delegation. This life changing experience has left us motivated and eager to share our newfound inspiration with the world. In addition, we met many great people from all over the world, with some of them we are still in touch and hope to see again at some point. You can say that in this short time we have made friends for life and I think I speak for everyone that we will never forget this time.


„H.E.L.P.“ youth exchange is financed by the Erasmus+ Programme and organized by our partner organisation CEDE Aruba.