Abroad // Youth Exchange “I NEET to work” in Xanthi, Greece

It was a great personal enrichment for us to travel to Xanthi within the framework of a youth exchange and to become a part of the cultural exchange with many other nations. This exchange indeed united young participants at the age 16 till 26 from countries like Italy, Spain, Greece, Estonia, Serbia, Cyprus and Germany. The name of the youth exchange was “I neet to work”. Within seven days we took part in many different workshops where we always had a chance to bring and realize our own ideas. Here are some examples of activities and topics that we experienced during the workshops: unemployment in the “unemployment world cafe”, creation of a CV and even work on our own business plan. Our absolute favorite, however, was a so-called “Intercultural night”. Each national team was able to bring their own sweets and drinks to share with other participants. The Spanish sangria was especially delicious! 😉 

In terms of content, we definitely learned a lot from each other, but also with each other within these exciting seven days. Also, our national team could grow together to become a part of a big international, European team. We met a lot of fantastic people and made some new beautiful friendships. We will never forget these wonderful days in Xanthi and will always look back with a smile! 

Yours Blake, Slim, Jolina, Sebastian, Olya and Marina

Take a look at the post and the videos shared by @hellenic.youth.participation for more!:
Project final post:
A video with some of the youth exchange activities (Video 1):
A video with some of the youth exchange activities (Video 2):
Reel realized by the volunteers about how to create a CV:

The project “I NEET to work” was financed by the Erasmus+ Programme and implemented by our partner organisation Hellenic Youth Participation.