Ernesto in Bremen // 1st Report

“Let´s go for a drink in Viertel and then have a walk by the Weser (river that goes across Bremen)” is one of the most common phrases you will probably say during your time here, and that is because is one of the most fun activities you will do, while laughing and spending time in the city with friends.

If the day is hot enough you can go and have a swim in one of the many lakes across Bremen and there is always space for a walk in of the many parks. Because the truth is, no matter how long you have lived in Bremen, you can go out and get lost one day walking around and you will find a new favourite spot, or bar or restaurant if you are open to new experiences and possibilities.

I am an audio-visual content creator and photographer. It is my passion to get behind a camera and create. I want to become a professional Film Director and I believe that the project I am currently working on is one of the greatest opportunities I have come across in my life.

I was excited at the news that Deutsches Tanzfilminstitut was looking for volunteers, so I had to put myself forward. The institute ethos to engender a society based on mutual acceptance, solidarity and cohesion as well as the audio-visual support I am giving encouraged me to apply. As a Latin American, dance is in my blood. Thus, combining two passions into one big project made me excited.

Being in the field, filming, then editing, getting to know distinctive personalities in the world of dance and sharing experiences with them has been a blessing for me. I have gained a ton of experience in the past three months alone; I have practised the abilities I learned during my life and I have applying that here with this professional group of people in an archive with more than 40.000 videos of dance.

Getting to know German culture, people and day to day has opened my world even more and I cannot wait to continue discovering new things about this so interesting country in the months to come.



Ernesto is part of our project “Achieve Recognition Through Social Media”, financed by the European Solidarity Corps and JUGEND für Europa.