Germany // Youth Exchange “Act Non-Formal vol.2!” in Bremen

Act Non-formal vol.2! aimed to provide new innovative methods and skills for youth workers to include marginalized youth into the society and provide opportunities for them to develop their non-formal education skills. This TC wanted to bring young people from different cultures closer together, and help them to express and reflect their opinion, gain self-confidence and take active part in the society.

The methods that the youth workers learned during this project will help them to work in their local communities to foster cultural diversity, understanding, and implementation of common European values, such as tolerance and respect of human rights.

The participants were introduced to basics of drama education that can be used for all target groups of young people. Non-verbal expression can be very useful working with young people that have language barriers and lack of self-confidence.

The trainers introduced the tools for creating scenes that deal with relevant topics (refugees, migration, etc.) to make local youth aware of the problem and help them to express their opinion. They also used Creative writing as a method; it helps young people to structure their thoughts and feelings about specific topics and to reflect and eventually express them.

Once again we counted with Maria and Mohamed as trainers, and once again they achieved to create an amazing atmosphere and a safe space where everyone could feel safe to contribute with their ideas and free to express their opinions

Instead of listening to what teachers have to tell us or debating in roundtables let’s use our bodies to invent a story, let’s use our imagination to create possible solutions!

The project was financed by Erasmus+, Jugend für Europa.