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Promotional flyer for AMM geo-caching group
26 Jun

AMM Geo-Caching

  • 7:00 pm
  • Hermann-Prüser-Str. 4 28237 Bremen

Geo-caching in Bremen! How much of Bremen do you know? Do you want to explore different areas of Bremen while doing a real-life scavenger hunt looking for hidden treasures. During these weekly sessions we will have the chance to be outdoors, experimenting with mobility, and getting to know the communities of Bremen. Come find out more in our next geo-caching workshop happening in QBZ Morgenland, starting at 19:00 Uhr. For registration and inquiries, please contact us at: [email protected]

20 Jul

Aktivismus Macht Mobil - Kayaktour

  • 11:00 am
  • Weserdeich, 28201 Bremen, near Kiosk am Werdersee

The spring has arrived in Bremen and for that we would like to celebrate the outdoors with you by going on our first kayak tour happening at Unisee! Let’s all get to enjoy the blooming flowers, nature, excitement, and relaxation together. We will create fun memories by exploring the nature around the lake, as well as discussing different types of mobility that we use and see regularly. Join us for a fun time sharing stories, laughter, and connecting with our peers. If you are between the ages of 16 to 25, participation is free. Limited spots available, so RSVP today to secure your spot for the Kayaking Tour. For registration and inquiries, please contact us at: [email protected]


01 May

Join us as a volunteer in 2024!

  • 2:00 pm
  • Bremen, Germany

Are you looking for a voluntary service in Bremen? Check out our offers! From volunteering in a school, working with people with disabilities to editing videos for the largest dance film archive or doing social media for us - you can find all currently open projects on our website.

30 May

Our Volunteer Stories

  • 12:00 pm
  • Bremen

Did you ever wonder what volunteering in Bremen is like? What kind of experiences do volunteers have on their projects? Every two months, you can find new stories from our volunteers on our website!

Upcoming Events

03 Dec

TOSCA - Online Workshop for Coordinators in ESC Projects

  • 2:00 pm
  • Online

We are happy to be part of the 3rd online Workshop of TOSCA - to support and build up the capacities of organizations that actively participate in volunteering actions.

17 Apr

Training Course "Visibility for the Youth"

  • 2:00 pm
  • Online

We recommend you to check out this interesting training course by ErasmusplusHannover on key competences and skills in the fields of marketing communication, PR and other promotional methods.

Our Stories

We are happy to share with you some key learnings of our very first Erasmus Plus online training course, oganised during COVID-19 times.

Volunteering in Italy despite CORONA?

Carla has started her ESC Volunteering project in Cento – despite the pandemic! We are happy to share with you her report of the first 2 months.

‘It’s up to me’ has been a point of reference to me about how excellent Training Courses should be. It was designed to every detail and taught me how to be a confident trainer. I learnt how to use my emotional side as my strength, how to be honest and myself and how to form meaningful connections with the participants of my projects.



On the youth exchange “Connect2Create”, I learnt that I am capable to make great things and that I am stronger than I thought. It is amazing to see your ideas become reality. I really liked the recycled art workshop, because I became more creative and I created something I am proud of. Thank you for the amazing opportunity! It was demanding and exhausting, but I learnt so many things and met so many interesting people – it was totally worth it!


‘It’s up to me’ exceeded all my expectations about it. It has completely changed me and my life through the marvelous training sessions delivered by the inspiring personalities and sharing my learning experience with open-minded and interesting people from all over Europe! I am not afraid to step out of the box now, because I know it’s up to me!



The best thing on the youth exchange “United in Nature and Humanity” were the people, without them, the project would not have been the same. Besides that – the canoe trip. I learnt a lot about myself, about other countries, about people, camping and I realised things that I need to put the focus on.



I have been to more than 6 trainings so far and I must openly say that ‘It’s up to me’ was the most productive one so far. We did so much work in a very short time, we learnt a lot about ourselves as well and understood our weak and strong sides. This experience was so motivating and inspiring. I got so many ideas about what I want to develop or which direction I want to go in life.


Turkey / Czech Republic

The atmosphere that the participants and coordinators created was out of this world. I truly felt like I belonged to a community where I can be open about my thoughts and feelings without any judgment. Coming together with the mutual goal of living healthier created the amazing experience of the youth exchange “Healthy Lifestyle”. I will definitely continue doing meditation and Zumba. I will also try to prepare healthy meals for myself and implement the physical exercises that we learned during this exchange.


North Macedonia

‘It’s up to me’ is one of the most powerful TC I’ve been to. If you will be as lucky as I was, it will put you outside your “comfort zone” and will make you learn how to face challenging situations. I wish I was not there last year, because I’d love to relive that experience with such an experienced team and great participants!



For the first time, I had to live in a tent and it was rather tough at the beginning, but after a couple of days I got used to it. On the youth exchange “United in Nature and Humanity”, I learnt how to work without taking weather conditions into consideration. I feel like I can make a change, that everything starts with me.



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