Abroad // Training Course “Flourishing Youth” in Northern Italy

In late September,  I took part in Flourishing Youth – Training Course on positive psychology in youth work organized by the Anatta Foundation and co-funded by Erasmus+. Over the course of almost a week I learned the principles and methodology of this relatively new field of psychology. I found the intersection of scientific research and empirical learning very enlightening. I have worked in non formal education with teenager for the past four years and I do believe that this course will enhance definitely expand the resources to create safe and creative spaces for the exchange of ideas and life experiences. Although my work does not focus on mental health nor behavioral challenges, I do often encounter young participants facing difficult emotional and psychological situations.

After Flourishing Youth I now feel more capable to identify the underlying needs that may not be met, and practical exercises to at least start a process of understanding and overcoming. In fact in the last short course I coordinated, only two weeks ago I already incorporated some of the techniques that I learned during the course. I’ve attached some pictures of the participants of Action x Peace 2017, a United World College Short Course that took place in Toledo, Spain from December 6 to the 10th. Aged 14 to 18 the participants are writing a letter to themselves from their future 25 year old self (a resilience and goal setting exercise we performed during the Erasmus+ course).

I want to thank the professionals who shared their knowledge and guidance, the partner organizations that made it possible and above all the great team spirit that all the other participants brought to that wonderful week in the Arboretum in Northern Italy.

Faima María Ramírez Hirschauer