Germany // Training Course “Act Non Formal” in St. Andreasberg

ACT – do not hesitate, do not procrastinate, do not wait, DO something and do it!

NON-FORMAL! Let’s make a strict line between formal and non-formal learning methods that was the main idea behind this project! Let’s make learning super funny and have two in one: entertainment + tangible outcomes!

42 participants from Italy, Greece, Romania, Malta, Great Britain, Bulgaria, Estonia, Spain and Germany took part in this innovative Training Course! Although we do not count international projects that we organize anymore, every time it feels like the first event! Amazing people, a lot of great food, inspiring personal stories, great friendship and love all around! But above all, this project gathered people around the common goal: to learn and improve theatre methods in youth work!

As trainers of this TC emphasized, theatre in XXI centuries is changed from only professionals to both professionals and non-professionals. Theatre is both art and tool for social transformation! Understanding and being aware of yourself, your emotions and body, as well as the power of imagination helps us in dealing with problems that we face every day in a way of discovering new and different perspectives for solutions!











“Act Non-Formal”  project aimed at providing new innovative methods to international youth organisations that can be applied on a local level in their daily activities, especially in order to include young people from marginalised groups, refugees, youngsters with minority background, people with disabilities and other groups with fewer opportunities. It is connected with the goals of the Erasmus+, as it provides new innovative methods and skills for youth workers to include marginalised youth into the society and provides opportunities for them to develop skills. Theatre methods bring young people from different cultures closer together, and help them to express and reflect their opinion, gain self-confidence and take active part in the society!

The methods that the youth workers learned during this project will help them to work in their local communities to foster cultural diversity, understanding and implementation of common European values, such as tolerance and respect of human rights.

In particular, participants had the opportunity to learn much about theatre of oppressed and improvisational theatre, both through theory and practice. Mar

ia and Mohamed, trainers of this TC made great atmosphere in which participants felt free to express their ideas and give proposals for direction of workshops.

Instead of listening to what teacher has to tell us, let’s imagine the situation we want to learn about and let’s use our imagination to create it ourselves through movement and words on the scene!

Instead of using classical methods of debating and round tables, let’s try to speak at the same time and be synchronized or let’s invent a story, word by word!

Instead of computer presentations, let’s go outside to find hidden messages on papers in wilderness and discuss them with people we find around!

Outcomes of this TC are great – we are not only empowered to apply methods that are at the same time entertaining and serious, but we also decided to share some of the ideas generated at this TC that can be applied to any workshop at any training or youth exchange, or even in formal education, why not! Some of our tips you can find on the following link:


Enjoy and continue to act non-formal!

This project was funded by “Jugend für Europa” through the ERASMUS+ program.