Abroad // Training Course “No Hate Speech” in Braga, Portugal

The focus of the project was on online and offline hate speech. In order to raise awareness about the topic, there were applied different activities and methods, such as: group presentations, debates, living libraries, community guest speakers, etc. During the project, each group had to elaborate one specific topic related to hate speech. The different topics were: Stereotypes, prejudice, social exclusion, integration, discrimination, marginalized groups, prevention, conflict management, problem solving, Mass media, peaceful communication, speaking up.

The first day in Braga for us was enriching and impressive. It was good to see people from different Cultures and get to know them and see, how similar we are when we get closer. We would like to emphasize the social aspect as a highlight of this encounter; Group dynamics, openness, communication and interculturality are just some of the features that have made this experience so valuable to us.

Of course, the topic of the seminar is very relevant and up-to-date, so the inputs, the methods and the reflections were very important for all of us. The different social, cultural and individual backgrounds have contributed to the development of new perspectives for all of us. We also found the team building activities very exciting. The simulation of different everyday challenges in the team through simple methods, presents everything differently than thought:

The dynamics of the problem, the different solutions, the own responsibility in everything we do and above all the empathy, as a very important medium in any conflict situation. Well now, the week in Braga is over, the many new international acquaintances, the experience, the knowhow, are still with us and we are very grateful for that!

Our beautiful continent took more than 70 years to offer us these kinds of encounters for granted. But they are not. Then I would like to end my thoughts with : These encounters are important milestones into tomorrow’s peace, freedom and international understanding. Thank you for making this possible for us!


Osama & Blerta