Zehra in Bremen // 2nd Report


I am writing on a sunny Bremen day, after a long (very long) and dark winter we are enjoying the sunshine these days. I still haven’t gotten over the geographical shock that it’s not quite dark at 11pm 🙂

Faster than the subway in the photo, (classic Berlin photo 🙂 time flies.  My effort to get used to and learn in the first days has now been replaced by enjoying my time. Now I can get to many places without a map and we have a better relationship with DB 🙂

I was in Würzburg for my second seminar and it was very pleasant and productive. I can say that the first seminar was full of excitement and question marks, but it was more about sharing experiences and ideas. It was fun to share experiences, discuss our ideas and explore the city with our friends in similar situations. While talking to other volunteers, I had the opportunity to be more critical about my project, my personal efforts and the process in general. 

Everything is going well at Tobias-Schule, the school where I work. We have changed my work schedule, which I have been following since the beginning of the year. I am now taking on tasks that I have not experienced before and I can try new things. I am improving my relationships with my colleagues and the children. It is becoming more and more enjoyable for me. It still surprises me that I can build a close relationship with the children despite the language barrier, but I am enjoying it.

Of course, like everything good, the fact that the project has an end is always in the back of my mind. Post-project plans, the idea of leaving my friends and this city that has become a part of who I am… Unplanned little weekend trips, long conversations with my housemates standing in the kitchen and our travel plans that we never realized 🙂 

I can already see that I am going to miss it all so much. Luckily this is not my final report and I still have time ahead of me. I am already so excited for the summer!


Zehra is hosted by Tobiasschule und Kindergarten e.Von our project co-funded by the European Union.