Training Course “CRECE”, 28.11. – 07.12.2022, Aruba

***call closed***Are you working with young people? Are you looking for an opportunity to improve your ability to work in international environment? Do you want to find reliable partners who share the same values as you? Then you should apply for this training course!

Dates: 28.11. – 07.12.2022

“CRECE – Creation, Reflection & Education for Community Empowerment” is a Training Course for youth workers who are encountering gaps in their knowledge and available methods in their activities. The aim of this project is to improve youth workers competences in creating, selecting and adapting non-formal education methods to improve their work and to better be able to support youth in becoming active parts of their communities. The participants are coming from the following countries: Curacao, St Maarten, Martinique, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Spain, The Netherlands etc..

Main objectives of the training course are:

  • start fostering among organizations and youth workers the attitude that youth should be asked and approached in a user-friendly manner on their needs and wants in order to work on a skillset of youth workers that can mentor youth to achieve and fulfil those needs
  • Work with various NFE methods, throughout the project, to develop participants’ skills in implementing NFE methods and adapting it to their context work.
  • bring youth workers and organizations together to create a safe environment to share values and opinions
  • be a start for creating strong partnerships, meaningful projects and collaborations that otherwise we would never be able to have
  • raise the competences of youth workers and the organizations they are in to work internationally and to work with different cultural backgrounds.

All costs for accommodation and food are covered by the Erasmus+ programme. Travel costs will be reimbursed for participants from Germany. We charge a 40€ participation fee!

If you want to read more details about the project and check the daily program of the training course, make sure to check out the Infopack.

The project is hosted by Centro Pa Desaroyo di Aruba (CEDE Aruba) Organisation. Please note that only residents of Germany can apply through the form below. Others have to contact the partner organizations in their respective countries.

You can apply below if:

  • You are a resident of Germany
  • You are 18 years old or older
  • You are active in the field of education and training (volunteers in the field of education/youth work, facilitators and trainers, social workers..)
  • You have experience in the field of NGO and youth work 
  • Your level of English is enough to communicate and share your opinions.

Any questions? Get in touch with Lina : [email protected]