ESC “Volunteers for equality” in Bari, Italy

Are you curious about social work and volunteering for and with refugees and migrants in Italy? Then this 6-months project with MOH and CAPS in Bari might be ideal for you! During your time in Italy, you can become a part of their community activities and support people in need.

Dates: As soon as possible for 6 months

Location: Bari, Italy

Hosting Organisation: CAPS  and MOH

We are looking for: volunteers age 18 – 30 living in Germany with basic level of Italian

About the hosting organisation

The voluntary services is hosted by CAPS, a social cooperative that works with situations of hardship, severe marginalisation and addiction. Their initiative focuses on the intersection of several contemporary challenges:

  1. Raising citizens’ awareness of old and new pathological dependencies
  2. Stimulating creativity, promoting mobility and experiences abroad
  3. Preventing risk behaviour
  4. Preventing and combating social exclusion
  5. Contemporary societies are becoming more and more multicultural and learning to appreciate interculturalism and diversity is a social urgency

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The project is coordinated by MOH Bari. As the coordinating organisation, MOH Bari is responsible for the project and the surrounding logistics. They are experienced in hosting and sending volunteers abroad and passionate about international volunteering opportunities. MOH believes that all young people deserve to grow up in communities where quality services, opportunities and support are offered. For this reason, MOH strives to coordinate and promote different projects for young people at national, local and European level.

Curious? Check them out on Facebook and Instagram

Your tasks as a volunteer include:

As a volunteer, you will be involved in the following activities and locations:

“Artemisia” is an innovative project that aims to experiment with a model of mixed housing, residential and social tourism, allocating part of the villa to a group of flats for Italian and foreign formerly unaccompanied minors, integrated with a social eco-hostel entirely self-managed by the young people themselves, and a bistro that will host concerts and art exhibitions, a place where dialogue, contamination and confrontation are “in charge”.

You will…

  • Develop a personal project followed by the CAPS staff
  • Promote the European Solidarity Corps
  • Think and organize workshops and networking strategies related to CAPS activities
  • Promote socio-cultural paths to raise awareness on immigration, human rights, peace education and inter-religious confrontation, also through specific actions and campaigns against discrimination, racism and xenophobia

“Casa Shalom”

The educational community “Casa Shalom” offers a residential reception service (24/24 h for 365 days a year) to 12 Italian and foreign minors aged between 3 and 18 years in a state of difficulty sent by
a public structure).

This includes:

  • Reception
  • Observation
  • Emotional and psychological containment
  • Participation in discussion groups among guests
  • Activities aimed at deepening their family and cultural history, through tools such as autobiographical writing and the creation of a personal family album
  • Supporting parenting skills with regular meetings according to the educational project

“Area 51” Day Centre

Volunteers will support the following objectives:

  • Give daytime reception to people in a situation of social distress and homelessness, trying to offer a protected place to meet and socialise
  • Creating a welcoming space dedicated to the care of the relational dimension, through the activation of personal resources, providing information, orientation and accompaniment to services.
  • Help the staff with the organisation
  • Help with the organisation of small daily events
  • Planning and implementing creative ideas
  • Promoting the European Solidarity Corps within the CAPS network

About the background of the project

With this project MOH and CAPS want to build a more inclusive society, help vulnerable people and respond to social problems. Providing an inspiring and enriching experience for young people who want to help, learn and grow.

Accommodation, logistics, finances

You will be living in a shared flat together with other volunteers. You will receive pocket money of 5€ per day (150€/month), as well as food money of 5€/day (152€/month).

Travel costs to Bari will be covered up to 180€/ 275€, depending on the distance between your home in Germany and Bari.

You will have free health, accident and third party liability insurance through the CIGNA programme.

You will be supported by members of the organisation throughout your voluntary service, to discuss your weekly schedule, and to learn more about the hands-on activities. You will meet your coordinator on a regular basis to discuss your development, ideas and tasks. As a volunteer, you are expected to be an active contributor – you will provide a new vision and perspective and be a valuable member of the team.

In addition, you will have a mentor who will help you integrate into life in Bari.

Working hours are approximately 30-35 per week. You are entitled to 2 free days in addition to all weekends per month. Holidays have to be agreed with your hosting organisation in advance.

You will have access to an online course in Italian.

Who are we looking for?

You can apply if the following criteria applies to you:

  • You are between 18 and 30 years old
  • You are a resident of Germany
  • Strong motivation and interest in the themes of the project and CAPS activities
  • You are curious about social work
  • You are confident that you can live abroad for 6 months and excited to learn about Italy
  • You want to work in a multicultural context
  • You are easy to communicate with, flexible and responsible and creative
  • Basic knowledge of Italian can be a plus, but it is not a must!

Any further questions? You can contact us at [email protected]. , or directly get in touch with MOH at [email protected]

How to apply?

To apply, please fill out the form for MOH until 07.06.2021

Title Image:  Thea Smc on Unsplash