ESC Volunteering with VulcanicaMente in Lecce, Italy

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If you believe in Gender Equality and want to join the team of VulcanicaMente to inspire change in society, then this ESC Volunteering project is ideal for you! Together with three other volunteers from all over Europe, you will spend 10 months in Lecce and support local activities of this women-led NGO!

Dates: 06.10.2021 – 01.08.2022

Location: Lecce and San Cesario di Lecce, Italy

About the Project

Rise Together is a long-term volunteering project inspired by the women’s empowerment movement to raise awareness about gender equality and the issues impacting the lives of European women. The project will highlight how through collaboration and productive conversations, people of all genders can rise together to reap the rewards of a more equal and just society.

Gender inequality is a United Nations recognized global issue, negatively impacting the lives of half of the world’s population. Around the planet, women and men are rising to the occasion and protesting the continued imbalance between the genders.

When gender equality is advanced, poverty is reduced and the health, education, protection and well-being of girls and boys increases. We believe that no issue is too uncomfortable to confront when the end results benefit everyone. Now is the moment to develop the structured action necessary to fight for gender equality in order to raise awareness and “Rise Together.”

Through our team’s guidance and collaboration with local partners, volunteers will have the opportunity to give back and support the local community. They will be empowered to be active citizens fighting toward the development and improvement of all Europe, while gaining and improving a variety of skills. By the end of the project, volunteers will receive a Youthpass Certificate.

About the Hosting Organisation

VulcanicaMente is a non-governmental organization (NGO) founded in 2012 and based in Lecce, Italy. It was born as an open platform to offer opportunities for international mobilities, and intercultural and intergenerational learning. Our mission is to develop and enrich our Salento area, beginning with young people, to create a generation of active European citizens.

VulcanicaMente was founded by four women and understands the obstacles impeding women’s development, as well as the positive impact female leadership can have in communities. As responsible citizens of the EU, we must educate others in the fight for the equality of women in order to boost the quality of life of all members of our society.

What are the volunteering tasks?

Your tasks will be divided into a number of different areas:

#1 Creation of Social Awareness Campaigns

During their project, ESC volunteers become part of the “vulcanic” team, shadowing staff and learning the ins and outs of running an NGO. Weekly volunteer tasks will allow them to develop a variety of management and professional skills in support of all of VulcanicaMente’s efforts. Occasional work in Erasmus+ projects will include cleaning and kitchen duties.

#2 NGO Management

Throughout the project period, volunteers will be expected to organize and manage a series of local events (in-person and online) complementing the
project’s topic and in support of other VulcanicaMente community development activities.

#3 Event Management

Throughout the project period, volunteers will be expected to organize and manage a series of local events (in-person and online) complementing the project’s topic and in support of other VulcanicaMente community development activities.

#4 Language Workshops

Volunteers will conduct a variety of language learning activities, teaching English to locals and students through the use of non-formal education
(NFE) methods. Language teaching activities will include monthly IngLecce gatherings, Unitandem (university language exchange) and assistance with
formal language courses.

#5 Social Media and Content Creation

ESC volunteers will assist with the creation of social media content promoting their project activities, Erasmus+ opportunities and other VulcanicaMente efforts. Additionally, they will develop editorial content to be published on the dedicated volunteer blog, offering the opportunity to learn professional communications and writing techniques.

#6 Personal Project

All volunteers will have the opportunity to develop and lead their own personal projects, showcasing their skills and a topic of interest inspired by
their learning during the volunteering period.

You are volunteering for a max. 38 hours per week from Monday to Friday. Weekends are free and you have 2 days of holidays per month, which you can spend as agreed with the organisation. National Holidays are also free.

Want to read more about the Project and what to learn? Check out the Infopack!

Language Learning

The working languages for the project will be English and Italian. Volunteers will receive basic Italian language instruction online through the Online Linguistic Support (OLS) software. Additionally, volunteers will have private Italian lessons with a local teacher. Interactions with locals and participation in diverse external activities will augment volunteers’ language learning opportunities.

In the past, VulcanicaMente volunteers have reached an A2-B1 level in Italian by the end of their volunteering period.

Finances & Accommodation & Insurance

The project is funded by the European Solidarity Corps. As a volunteer in Italy, you will receive:

  • max. 275€ travel cost reimbursement
  • 150€ for food / month
  • 150€ pocket money / month

Volunteers will share a furnished four bedroom, two-bathroom apartment in Lecce. Each volunteer will have their own room and share the fully-equipped kitchen and bathrooms. The apartment is comfortable with ample natural lighting, five balconies, 10 minutes from the center and the main bus station steps away. Basic amenities such as sheets and towels will be provided and volunteers are welcome to make their rooms their own. All volunteers will be expected to share housing cleaning tasks, take care of the spaces and furniture/art already in the apartment, and maintain a sustainable lifestyle with responsible recycling and use of water and electricity. Rent and apartment bills are covered by VulcanicaMente.

During your stay in Italy, you will be covered by your German Health Insurance, and additionally be covered by CIGNA (health, travel, third party liability).

Can you apply?

  • You are between 18- 30 years old
  • You live in Germany
  • You are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 by the start of the project
  • You are motivated to learn, work hard, support our activities and help the community.
  • You are caring: Volunteers must be open minded and respectful towards other people, spaces and cultures
  • You are creative: We are looking for creative and proactive volunteers who propose personal projects and ideas.
  • You are committed to environmentally friendly lifestyles and willing to use a bike during your ESC project

This call has been closed as the volunteer from Germany has already been selected!