ESC on the “Gdansk Volunteer Week” in Poland

*** This call has been closed***

If you are super keen to try out the ESC programme, but you don’t want to commit to a 12-month project straight away – this exciting opportunity in Gdańsk might be for you! Together with volunteers from Poland and all over Europe, you will put together a colourful programme to celebrate the annual Gdańsk Volunteering Week!

Dates: 08.04.2021 – 30.04.2021

Location: Gdańsk, Poland

Hosting Organisation: Regionalne Centrum Wolontariatu w Gdańsku / Regional Volunteer Centre in Gdańsk

We are looking for: Young people age 18-30, living in Germany

About the hosting organisation

The Regionalne Centrum Wolontariatu w Gdańsku is the biggest provider of volunteering activities in the region of Gdańsk. Volunteers supported by the organisation do community work with people of all ages, while many young people from Poland are also sent abroad with the European Solidarity Corps programme.

The Gdańsk Volunteer Week (GTW) is a citywide event organized and carried out by the Regional Volunteer Center in Gdańsk every year since 2016.  This is a celebration for those who already participate in volunteering activities and an opportunity to show the benefits of volunteering to other people. The program of the celebrations includes debates, meetings, workshops, city poster campaign, trainings for volunteers, meetings at schools, a Parade, volunteers along the streets of the city centre and much more.

This year, it will be the 5th edition of this event, and therefore, 10 volunteers from all over Europe are invited to participate. Originally, the event was planned for December. Due to the pandemic, it has been postponed to April 2021.

Curious about the Organisation? Check them on Instagram

Your tasks as a volunteer include…

In short, you would support the team in organising workshops, campaigns, debates, meetings at schools and much more to promote the idea of volunteering, share the different cultures of Europe and contribute your own ideas to make the event a success!

You do not need to have previous experience of any kind – just your motivation is key!

You will be supported by members of the organisation throughout the three weeks, to discuss your weekly schedule, and to make the most out of your learning.  As a volunteer, you are expected to be an active contributor – you will provide a new vision and perspective and be a valuable member of the team.


Accommodation, logistics, finances

You will be living in a hostel together with the other volunteers, where you will share rooms and other facilities with each other. You will receive pocket money of 4€ per day, as well as free food and drinks.

Travel costs to/from Gdańsk will be covered up to 180€.

You will have free health, accident and third party liability insurance through the CIGNA programme.

Please inform yourself about the current Covid.19 regulations in Poland.


Who are we looking for?

You can apply, if you are ….

  • between 18-30 years old
  • currently living in Germany (registered address)
  • interested in volunteering and passionate about team work
  • know at least a bit of English, so you can communicate with the organisers

How to apply?

Applications for this project have already closed and the volunteers have been selected.

If you need support with any of these steps, you are welcome to contact us!