Call for Shadow Facilitators

We are looking for shadow facilitators / shadow trainers for our upcoming youth exchanges, training courses and ESC TEC seminars (on-arrival trainings and midterm meetings).

A Shadow Trainer/Facilitator is working with the team of trainers/facilitators in order to learn from them, by being involved in the whole process of an Erasmus+ project. This way,  he/she can look behind the scenes, understand the different tasks and responsibilities of a trainer and therefore improve their trainers’ competencies.

A Shadow Trainer / Facilitator has the opportunity to learn from experienced facilitators and trainers to cooperate successfully in teams, designing educational programs, facilitating learning processes and more. The facilitators are encouraged to focus on some of the ETS trainers competences that they want to improve (

To get a glimpse into what it’s like to be a shadow trainer, you can watch this video about Emökes Experience.

We are organising three types of projects, where you could join us:

  • On-Arrival / Midterm Seminars for ESC volunteers: these seminars are part of the Training and Evaluation Cycle and mandatory to attend by all volunteers hosted in Germany. The group has usually 20 participants, and the topics range from setting learning goals for the year, practical questions around the ESC programme to intercultural learning and reflection tools.
  • Youth Exchanges: We organise youth exchanges on a variety of topics, where the group of ca. 40 participants (18-30 years old) usually comes together from 5-6 countries. The learning is of course non-formal and activities depend on the topic.
  • Training Courses: These are aimed at youth workers, the group is also usually 25-35 participants from 5-6 countries, activities are organised within non-formal learning but usually at a higher threshold than on youth exchanges. The activities depend on the topics, which you can find in the list below.
What we offer
  • We cover your travel expenses, accommodation and food
  • You are involved in all parts of the projects, which includes the preparation, implementation and evaluation phases – in short, you become a part of our team
  • Depending on the programme, your skills and motivation, and the group, you will have the chance to co-develop or co-facilitate workshops and activities
  • While the shadow facilitator / trainer position is not paid, it tends to be the gateway to be hired as a paid facilitator for upcoming projects
What we expect
  • You already have at least basic experience in facilitating workshops or activities for young people
  • You are motivated to prepare yourself and support the trainers / facilitators during the workshops and activities
  • You would have to be at our venue, KulturHaus in Garlstedt by Bremen, one day in advance of the project to prepare everything that is needed and leave one day after to have enough time for evaluation

Please take a look at the available projects listed below. Choose the one(s) that is/are suitable for you (bear in mind the extra preparation and evaluation days), and let us know below about what motivates you to join us, any relevant experience you might have and what you expect from joining us as a shadow facilitator.

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