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7th September 2019

Youth Exchange “Say No to Discrimination”, 13 – 23 January 2020, in Fuzine, Croatia

In times of facebook, fake news, instagram and growing populism across all media channels, it is more important than ever to become media literate! Art and […]
4th September 2019

Training Course “Youth Work for Equality and Unity”, 16 – 24 November 2019 in Caserta, Italy

Dublin III, UNHCR, Refugees, Migrants – what’s behind those terms? On this training course, you can update your knowledge of terminology, regulations and institutions and equip […]
18th August 2019

Youth Exchange “EcoEducation”, 12 – 20 October 2019, Coma-Ruga, Spain

If eco-friendly lifestyles are at the core of your interests and beliefs, if you have an interest in rethinking current ecological behaviours and want to tackle […]
28th July 2019

ESC Voluntary Service in Barcelona, Spain, from end of September – December 2019

Three months in Spain, working with youngsters, challenging yourself and contributing to a community! – in short, this is what you can expect from this ESC […]