Weser Kurier report on the project “Roots and Branches” in Garlstedt


The Weser Kurier newspaper published a report on the project in which volunteers shared their talents in Garlstedt.


“The Naturkultur e. V. house is located deep in the forest in Garlstedt. In this peaceful setting, it is easy to reflect on becoming and being, make friends and carry them out into the world across borders.

Last weekend, 20 young artists from Spain, Italy and Germany presented their musical, literary, poetic and artistic creations on the theme of Roots and Branches.

The theme ‘Roots and Branches’ should reflect the consideration of where we come from, i.e. what roots we have and where we are heading, i.e. where we are extending our branches, said Miriam Weinzierl, one of the organizers from the Naturkultur-Haus team.

The participants, aged between 18 and 30, who came from countries including Chile, India, Romania, Nepal and the Ukraine but now live in Germany, had two and a half days to reflect on the artistic expression of their origins and development. In Garlstedt, they met with young Spaniards, Italians and Germans. At the end there was a presentation at which the works created were shown to the other participants as well as to the public.

Garlstedt’s mayor Marie Jordan also took the opportunity to listen to the music over fresh waffles and coffee and to admire the fabric prints that had been created over the weekend.”

Text: Christa Neckermann

Photo: Christian Kosak

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