SoLawis – Sustainable Map of Bremen

What is a SoLawi?

A “Soziale Landwirtschaft” (SoLawi) is a concept that supports both local businesses and local farms. A person can become a member of a farm’s network and pay a regular contribution (usually monthly) to the farm, in return receiving fresh fruit, vegetables, and other groceries, either collecting produce directly at the farm or at a depot collection point. By contributing to a SoLawi, you are supporting local farms and businesses and in turn receiving fresh, local produce, and knowing exactly where your groceries come from and what practices are used to grow them.

In this article you can read more about the many SoLawis surrounding Bremen, including some that also have depot collection points within the city.


Sophienhof Oldendorf

Situated 40km north of Bremen, Sophienhof is a SoLawi with a variety of different membership subscription options, depending on if you are looking to purchase vegetables, meat produce, or both. In the summer months you can receive up to 3kg of fresh vegetables per week, and collect your produce from many different depots across the region, with 8 depots in Bremen alone. They also offer tours and visits at the farm.


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Gärtnerhof Oldendorf

Gärtnerhof grows over 80 different types of fruit, vegetables and herbs yearly and is home to over 40 chickens and geese. Situated north of Bremen, on average customers received up to 3kg of fresh produce per week, with honey and bread in collaboration with other local businesses sometimes available too. There are many different depots spread across Bremen and Bremerhaven too.


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Eickedorfer Hof

Established as a SoLawi in 2018, Eickedorfer Hof is just 20km outside of Bremen and offers a large variety of locally-grown produce, with over 60 different types of vegetables, including aubergines, cabbage and tomatoes. Throughout the year there is also meat produce available to buy too.


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Mirandahof is based in Stuckenborstel in the Wümme river region, where members every Tuesday and Friday can come and harvest their own vegetables, herbs and flowers based on what they need. There’s also the option for children to visit the farm too and get to know the farm’s animals, such as the cows and chickens.


To discover more about Mirandahof and their offers, click here.




Das Grüne Zebra

Established in July 2020, Das Grüne Zebra was founded to bring together a large group of people to combine country and city life together. The SoLawi offers members 3kg of fresh produce per week, with depots in Viertel, Neustadt, Fedelhören and Riede. They also have beehives and options for members to come and visit the SoLawi.


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Lühmann’s Hof

Lühmann’s Hof Luttum has only been established very recently as a SoLawi and offers members not only fresh produce, such as vegetables, salad, potatoes, and honey, but also the chance to gain an insight into farming and agricultural work and become involved in making decisions for the SoLawi.


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