Roots and Branches – Art Festival

The main idea of the festival was to bring together young creative people in order to learn from each other and grow. The festival was inspired by the method of “Art Colony”. During the festival there were solely introduction workshops facilitated by our organizing team and from then on participants were invited to show each other their skills and to co-create together in so called “skill-sharing sessions”. Together the group created pieces of visual arts such as paintings, sketches or comics. They painted on paper, fabric, and walls. Furthermore, they wrote poetry, sewed bags and also facilitated jam sessions that ended in musical co-creations for the performance that presented the closing of the final exhibition. The exhibition took place on Saturday the 6th of August. International guests came, also people living in Bremen and locals from the village. The atmosphere was very beautiful where different people got together to eat some waffles and started conversations about art.


The organizers were a group of young artists from different parts of Germany: Alina Schmeiß, Anastasiia Hrechka, Isabella von Hellborn and Lu Zimmermann. They were guided through the panning process by the theater educator Miriam Weinzierl, who is working for Naturkultur as freelancer. The team aimed to create an environment where everyone can develop their ideas. It didn’t matter if people were at the start of their career or if they already had experience.

This Festival was part of a project called “Open Fields” that provides opportunities for young artists to develop their skills and build up a network.
The program involves two and a half days where we open the space for around 20 to 25 artists to co-create, learn and experiment. The framework of the festival is planned and executed by us as organizing team.


In the following, we want to share some feedback of the participants in order to show the impact this festival had:


The event was amazing; I think everyone enjoyed the event, visitors felt involved and interested in the exhibition and activities; and also all the participants felt calm and flowing in the nice environment.”

“I think the organization team really did a huge work planning and thinking about how to make the whole group participate and get involved in different activities and sharing.”

“It was my first time sharing my art with other people and I found it inspiring.”

“I found the motivation to keep doing art!”


We want to thank the young artists, organizers, and participants for their collaboration and beautiful festival!