Open Fields – Young Artists Network

Open Fields – Young Artists Network is a project that connects young artists from three countries in order to support them on their path in professionalism. For this the partner consortium organized different activities such as training courses online and offline, a digital networking tool, participatory multiplier events and more.

One part of the project is the TRAINING of young artist in different field in three training courses taking place in 2022 and 2023

first in Italy, then Spain then Germany. During these training courses the participants learned about the following areas.


1.) Creativity and entrepreneurship. Torino, Italy. 04.-08.2022

2.) Creativity and community awareness. Toledo, Spain. 08.-11.12.22

3.) Creativity, digitization, and marketing. Bremen, Germany. 13.-17.02.23

If you are interested in reading more about the trainings, you can find a small summary below.


Additionally there have been CREATIVE ONLINE WORKSHOPS for the participants from September until November 2022 . 

1. “Musical Trip” with MusíLabUs (Roberto Pacheco y Rachel Gribler:, 

2. “Social entrepreneurship with passion” guided by Ena Fernánde

3. “Storytelling for communication” facilitated by Sara Fillipelli


Furthermore, participants organized threeMULTIPLIER EVENTS in order to spread the results of the project and also use this opportunity to network and to address future customers in a big event in their local communities in Italy, Germany and Spain. In Germany participants organized the international art festival “Roots
and Branches” for three days close to Bremen. For more information about the festival check here!


Another aspect of the project is the CREATION OF A NETWORK of artistic professionals including institutions. This network serves future customers of the young artists, but also gives young artists the opportunity to put themselves out, connect and to start co-creating and realizing their ideas with other artists.


DO YOU WANT TO BE PART OF OUR ARTIST NETWORK? So, if you are an artist or you work with artistic methods in different areas, you can become part of our
network! You can become part of our INTERACTIVE MAPS we created during the project.  You can sign up with your information and a description of what you do. The information will be later made be made available by us on the map. The map and information about it has been spread through our networks and also I several individual artistic projects in Spain, Italy and Germany.

Just fill out the following document, then you will appear as extra person on the map!






The Training in Italy from  04.-08.2022 took our participants deeper into
the field of creative entrepreneurship. What is entrepreneurship actually about and how can we develop creative entrepreneurial
 projects with a focus on supporting our own communities. An important question was also, which needs and potentials exist in our communities. Furthermore, participants explored different local institutions in Turino including a young art space initiated by local youth also participating in the project. Throughout, the whole training participants explored these topics through creative approaches for instance by
drawing, playing music, or going on a creative treasure hunt in the neighborhood.


The training in Spain built on the knowledge and built connections from the training course in Italy with a focus on community building. Therefore, participants were able to visit different institutions to see how they do work in their communities and what they do to become more popular by addressing differenttarget groups with their offers. Furthermore, participants had the opportunity to
shape the look of a local bar by designing different collages together that later have been directly installed into the bar. The combination of individual expression and professional input the training made a success.



The last training in Germany incorporated individual expression, professional input, and also joint planning. On the one hand, our participants learned from professionals about social entrepreneurship and how to tell stories digitally. On the other hand, they could

ld reflect on their future
self as artists creatively. Additionally, the participants created in collaborations postcards that have been printed and spread, also as an outcome of the project. 

Moreover, they started brainstorming about possible events they would like to organize with their local groups as an outcome of this project. The German team organized an international art festival. For more information check here!