Hip-Hop and Storytelling Summer 2023 Program

Through our project “Aktivismus Macht Mobil” we want to bring young people together, discuss and engage with topics of youth activism, E.U. citizenship, migration, and refuge. Activities and workshops will include local mobility bike tours, youth debates on various related topics, intercultural cooking evenings, visits with the local Bremen politicians, learning by doing activities, as well as activities to enhance their creativity, such as storytelling, art, role-playing, theater, creative writing, and many more activities that the groups will work through and develop. The workshops are for young people between the ages of 16 and 25. They are all free of charge. However, registration is required at: [email protected]
This project is funded by the city of Bremen, Die Senatorin für Soziales, Jugend, Integration und Sport.

Hip-Hop is Storytelling Summer Program:
What kind of stories do you hear through Hip-Hop music? Hip-Hop is a culture that was created by young people to share their realities and creating a space where they feel empowered. Hip-Hop is a modern form of storytelling. Join us for four fun sessions where we explore the power of storytelling through interactive games and activities. We will create and transform different worlds based on the most popular fairy tales, your favourite books, and movies. Let’s come together to share our stories and trigger our imagination to create empowering stories to share with family and friends.
The workshop is free. For registration and more information, please contact, [email protected]

Location: (Das Quartiersbildungszentrum Morgenland (QBZ))
Morgenlandstr. 43 · 28237 Bremen
from 17:00 Uhr to 19:00 Uhr
12.07.2023 (Wednesday)
19.07.2023 (Wednesday)
09.08.2023 (Wednesday)
16.08.2023 (Wednesday)