Training Course for creative youth „Open Fields: Youth Creative Network“, 04.08.-08.08.2022

Are you interested in arts, a creative person or even a young artist? Do you want to boost your creativity and explore how entrepreneurship can help you to realize your passion within your local community and can be a catalyst of cultural and community awareness? It doesn’t matter which creative area you belong to, you can become part of this project and the international community that we create.

Dates: 04.08.-08.08.2022
Location: Torino, Italy

The project’s „Open Fields“ aim is to provide an opportunity for young people in different fields of arts to discover creative industries through professional inputs, visiting local artist organisations and learning from each other’s ideas and experiences. We want to facilitate a space to learn about how to increase your art’s visibility in both, your community and on an international level. 

The projects goals are:

  • Making young artists and young creators visible in their communities and on international level
  • Strengthening international cooperation between young artists 
  • Learning from already existing examples by connecting young people with seniors creators
  • Learning about how to become professionals out of creative skills: going into further training; finding creative jobs; looking for clients if they want to become freelances; use of digital tools to help promoting creative work etc..
  • Exploring together how arts can foster a positive changes in our lives and of our communities.

“Open Fields” consists of the following actions and meetings:

  1. Italy, Torino – Creativity and entrepreneurship 4-8th of August, 2022
  2. Spain – Creativity and community awareness 7-11th December 2022
  3. Germany – Digitisation and marketing, Spring 2022

You don’t have to be part in all three events, however if you are able to join it would be extremely beneficial for you and your professional development.

Furthermore, works on creating an international artist community where we support each other and help each other grow by designing a map that connects young creators (in all possible disciplines) including mapping creativity industries, artisans, and professional creators in the three communities involved (Spain/Italy/Germany).

All costs for accommodation and food are covered by the Erasmus+ programme. Travel costs will be reimbursed up to 270€ for participants from Germany. 

COVID-19- Restrictions
At the moment it is possible for everybody to enter Italy without a Covid-19 test or proof of vaccination.

You can apply below if:

  • You are a resident of Germany;
  • You are between 18 and 30 years old;
  • You are interested in any creative area: from poetry to tattooing, from graffiti to music, from performing arts to all kinds of crafts, plastic arts, graphic design, circus, digital creation, communicative and even social creation, etc….
  • You have the desire to share your skills and knowledge, and, if necessary, make them their main source of income, business or entrepreneurship.
  • You are ready to show responsibility and commitment to all the activities of the project;
  • You have passion and motivation to learn, share and enjoy;
  • Your level of English is enough to communicate and share your opinions;

Application Deadline: 20.07.2022

Please note that only residents of Germany can apply through the form below.

If you have any questions, please contact Miriam: [email protected]

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