ESC “Change Makers in Jordan” in Amman, Jordan

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Media, music and working with young people are at the core of this 6 months ESC adventure in Jordan – an ESC project that will be challenging but surely unforgettable!


Dates: As soon as possible for 6 months

Location: Amman, Jordan

The main aim of this project is to provide inspire active citizenship and social change through enabling one German volunteer to exchange perspectives and ideas with the Jordanian organisation IDare. Working with youngsters for one year, the volunteer will be able to broaden his*her horizons, try new areas of work, engage in media related tasks and be a part of a multidimensional organisation. In turn, the youngsters and staff at IDare will benefit from the added perspectives and ideas coming from the volunteer who is keen to enrich their daily work.

About the hosting organisation

IDare is an organisation that does youthwork in Amman, Jordan. It was established in Oct. 2013. As a non-governmental Jordanian organization, it is neither affiliated nor registered with any political party. IDare believes in youth as the driving force towards development in its comprehensive sustainable concept where social, economic and political dimensions are equally respected. I-Dare exists to be the platform for the voice and efforts of young active citizens in transforming their societies to achieve remarkable success in all their endeavors.

Tasks and Working Schedule

As a volunteer, you are expected to contribute your time, energy, motivation and own sense of initative to the daily working life of the hosting organisation. At IDare, you can join different teams depending on your skills and interests.

Every volunteer is participating in the Creation of content for the alternative narrative knowledge hub Each volunteer is required to produce 5 audio-visual products each month (ie. article 1000 words, poster, short video, comics). Topics are with a very specific theme that the whole team agrees on together.

In addition to this task, you will be involved in any of the following activities. To carry out that ask, you will receive support by a supervisor in charge of the activities, who will also discuss your role and involvement with you.

  1. Assisting the media unit team: You would be assisting the communication/media unit team where they are capturing pictures and videos for IDare’s various projects, assisting the team members at the media unit in their tasks. This would be targeted for people who are good with graphic design, photography, video making, video editing, poster making among other creative aspect related to communication and outreach, or those who want to develop such skills
  2. Assisting the team working with children: We have our own Funduta team, which is a group that organizes theatre activities for children. The team will be conducting workshops and theatre for children among other activities. Sometimes the team would need people to assist in décor building, customs design and making, story writing. The Workshop development occurs around specific themes and topics.
  3. Music and rap: You would assist the team involved with music, songs and rap making. This would entail digital music composing, working with emerging artists from youth, sound engineering, editing and recording.

Within the premises and framework of the organisation, you are welcome to propose your own small-scale activities and projects in accordance with the mission and principles of IDare and with the guidance of your coordinator and supervisors.

Training and Support

On each Sunday, the week starts with a meeting to follow up with every member of the community, to overview the upcoming weekly tasks and to agree on specific themes that will be tackled in the upcoming week.

On each Thursday, you are meeting your coordinator to submit your task and time plan for the upcoming week and discuss any support or resources that you may need.

By the end of each month, you are asked to submit your timesheet, indicating how many hours you spent on which tasks, as well as provide a monthly report on your work and personal development.

All tasks are located at IDare office in Amman. You need to have your own laptop with you, and working hours are between 9am – 4pm from Sunday to Thursday. In Jordan, the weekend is from Friday to Saturday. You are entitled to 2 extra free days per month.

To integrate you in the local community and help you finding your feet in Amman, you will be supported by a mentor – a young person who is not a member of immediate staff of IDare, who will be your support buddy throughout the duration of your ESC.

You will have official Arabic classes during the first 2 months after your arrival. You will receive 16 sessions in total, each lasting two hours. For the classes, our youth department prepared materials that one of our community members will be happy to guide you through so you acquire the basics in Arabic language.

You will participate in the on-arrival and mid-term trainings provided for all ESC volunteers in the region. These meetings will be a chance for you to reflect, exchange experiences and ideas with other volunteers, connect with others and plan your months in Jordan.

Culture and Living in Jordan

Jordan is a country that, with its customs, rules and traditions may be very different to your home community. It is important to be aware of potential challenges and compromises that have to be made on your part for your own safety and comfort, as well as for the working environment of IDare. When you choose to live and volunteer in Amman, it means that you need to respect the local rules, which may affect how you dress, how you act in public, your consumption of alcohol, your relations with people from other sexes, where you hang out, what you eat and other aspects of daily life. The hosting organisation invites you to check out this guide to get a clearer idea. But fear not – challenging yourself to change your lifestyle within a volunteering service can be an enriching change of perspective!

Amman is the capital city of Jordan with loads of opportunities to spend you free time, get to know the culture and people and immerse yourself in a new environment. IDare suggests you to check the links below to get a clearer picture of the country and the capital city:

More about Jordan

99 things to do in Jordan

More about Amman

Top 10 things to do in Amman

In addition, we invite you to read about Jordan on the website of the Auswärtiges Amt.

IDare is an environment that is free from bullying, racism, violence and all other negative attitudes. Therefore, it is expected that everybody who is involved with IDare to refrain from such discriminatory or violent attitudes, communicates conflicts openly and contributes to a constructive and healthy working atmosphere.

Accommodation and Logistics

You will be living in a flat shared with other volunteers. You will have your private room, while the kitchen, bathroom and common areas are shared with other ESC volunteers hosted by IDare.

As IDare is responsible for the flat and relations to the neighbours in the Jordanian community, there are number of rules that have to be respected by the volunteers, particularly considering having guests, interpersonal relationships and living conditions. It is important that you are aware of those already when you apply, so please read the  document.

As a volunteer, you are entitled to free accommodation. You will receive 3€ per day as pocket money on a monthly basis that you can spend for anything you may need. You will also receive 127€ per month for food. You may be entitled to Kindergeld from the German state – we are happy to issue a confirmation that you are a volunteer for this purpose. Travel costs will be reimbursed.

You will be enrolled for free health insurance with CIGNA.

There is not participation fee.

Can you apply?

You are very welcome to apply, if all of the following criteria applies to you:

  • You are between 18-30 years old
  • You are a resident of Germany
  • You are motivated to engage in the tasks described above and keen to contribute to the work of IDare
  • You like to work in an international team and are willing to take responsibility for your work and tasks
  • You are open and flexible to adapt to a lifestyle that may be very different to what you are used to, and you have informed yourself about Jordan and Amman through the links above

For more information, just contact Irma: [email protected]

To apply, fill the form below and send your CV to [email protected]! The more details you give in the application, the better.

The applications have closed.