Crisis management in youth work

Dear reader,

This Crisis management booklet has been created as a learning outcome from the Online training course “Crisis management in youth work” that happened in December 2020. We had interactive workshops with various guests and experts, trainers and facilitators, discussing different concepts and activities.

We have concluded that there is a need to create a booklet that will capture some of the learning and experience of the organizations dealing with crisis situation.

We have included several articles in this booklet:

  • Introduction of major crisis management models
  • Adaptation of one crisis management model in the context of the reality in youth work
  • Two articles on our own experience of crisis management during youth activities (youth exchange and volunteering service)
  • Mindfulness in crisis management

This booklet should not be seen as the final product, but as a starting point for further research, discussions and debates, a compilation of resources such as guides and mind maps, design of workshops and activities that will strengthen the capacities of the youth organizations. In case you have suggestions of something that should be included in future publications, we are very happy to hear those ideas on the email provided below.

We hope that this booklet will bring added value to your learning and dealing with crisis situations in the future.

Your Sincerely,

NaturKultur team

[email protected]