// What we stand for - NaturKultur e.V.



Development of young people

We are providing a platform for young people to make a positive impact and change the world while they are developing themselves and learning new things. Special accent is put on young people with fewer opportunities such as young people with disabilities, live in rural areas, belong to different ethnic minorities, are refugees, drug abusers or have learning difficulties.

Environment and sustainability  

We deeply care, educate, develop, support, protect and enjoy in the environment around us. We care about the sustainability in our work in terms of ecological footprint, waste management and recycling, efficient use of resources and energy.

Healthy lifestyle 

We are continuously educating and getting aware of what we cook and eat, we regularly do sport and exercise, we learn about our emotional and mental health and we educate others.

Human rights 

We actively advocate, promote, develop and create activities for gender equality, conflict resolution and peace building, integration of refugees and minority background youth, freedom of expression and media.

Culture and diversity

All of our activities are done in an international context. We believe that the diversity of cultures, traditions, food, dances, languages, music and other enrich our local societies and contributes to open mindedness of the young people from early age.