// What we do - NaturKultur e.V.


Youth exchanges - international mobility projects in Germany and abroad between 4-20 days that are on a relevant topics in society where young people learn many skills with non-education methods.

Training and networking courses - where we share the know-how, information and contacts with our partner organizations, and develop new and better opportunities for the youth.

Short and long term volunteering - where we send and host volunteers who work on international community based projects from 1 to 12 months that are financed from different programs.

Opportunities to work and develop - young people can take role in organizing projects and youth mobilities and learn many different kinds of skills, such as languages, teamwork, project management, other soft skills.


Community based projects - cooperation with the local municipalities,  other organizations that have local impacts on the young people, but also on the community itself.

Weekly workshops and activities for youth - such as learning how to paint, theatre classes and education, photography, outdoor workshops, poetry writing and presentations, cultural activities, working with people with disabilities.